Disney / Pixar movies, rated by Mommy Issues

Pixar’s Weekend It turns red released, Drew retired from Autostraddle’s TV crew to give her official review: “Turning Red is such a good mom’s movie 😭!” Which, of course, made us really recognize the fact that – while Disney continues to throw the ball in virtually every way in terms of representation and LGBTQ fans – they have made MANY movies with mom’s problems. Which is pretty gay, actually. And so our whole team came together to rank 25 Disney / Pixar movies from Mommy Issues. We would love to know more about your personal rankings in the comments!

25. Malicious

Heather: I guess this is less “mommy stuff” and more like “did Angelina Jolie make you gay despite your own mom’s heterosexual begging?” Because that’s exactly what happened to every lesbian I know since the 90s.

24. Moana

Valerie: Moana’s mother is perfect, how dare you.

Christina Tucker: Literally all Moana women are perfect !!!

Heather: And most men too, which is the only time I’ve ever said it, I think.

Christina Tucker: We have to think about coconut.

Drew Gregory: I think Moana’s issues are more with Mother Nature.

Christine: Which some call the ultimate mom (citation needed).

Meg Jones Wall: The ocean is definitely mom.

23. The Lion King

Natalie: I’m not sure Simba has problems with mom, but he has a lot of problems with dad.

22. The Little Mermaid

Christina Tucker: Classic themes daddy girl.

Heather: But do you know who has problems with mom? Ariel’s daughter who trades with her legs and lungs and returns TO THE SEA.

21. The movie Lizzie McGuire

Drew: This is the slander of Jo McGuire. She has only the best interests of her daughter in her heart !!

In: When I first watched the scene when Lizzie says goodbye to her mom, I was also secretly tearing up. I give this a difficult three out of five for her mom’s problems and also mine.

20. The princess and the frog

Natalie: Tiana has clear problems with her dad and not with her mom.

In: Tiana is my queen and she always gets 10. She has this whole restaurant with her mom at “Almost There”, but like όλη the whole plot is to make her dad’s gab.

19. Finding Nemos

Drew: This is rightly ranked so low, even though Nemo’s mom DIES at first. Disney is sick.

18. The Beauty and the Beast

Drew: I think Bell is more of a girl with daddy problems. So desperate not to end up with a man like her boyfriend, Babula, that she falls in love with a beast.

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In: Although in the remake they have all that moment that the Beast takes Bell back in time and she sees her mom die right in front of her.

Drew: God I forgot! Definitely extra points for that.

17. The Princess Diaries

Heather: Mia’s mom goes out with her teacher and her secret grandmother is the queen of Genoa? Goodbye, trolley people!

16. Robin Hood

Casey: Maid Marian is a mom and Robin Hood is a hot dad, does that count?

Heather: I love queer people. I’m like “please rate these movies based on mom’s themes” and you all say “mph this cartoon fox is daddy!”

15. Cinderella

Christina Tucker: I do not recognize this Cinderella because in my mind the only one that exists is Brandy / Whitney and my word Bernadette Peters in that movie is horror and also (say it with me !!!) root !!

Drew: Step mommy themes are still mommy themes!

Christina Tucker: They say that.

14. Raya and the Last Dragon

Christina Tucker: I do not know that Raya has problems with her mom, but wow, her friend, her enemy, Namaari definitely has! Sandra Oh as your mom with that hair? He did not have a chance.

Heather: Villanelle understands.

13. Peter Pan

Christina Tucker: God, I hate this complacent fuck, find a job !!! Stop making Wendy take care of you!

Casey: I’m confused because this does not have all 5. Peter Pan and the lost boys have the biggest problems with mom of all time !! All they want is for Wendy to be their mom! I remember at some point in my failed PhD I wrote an assignment for the book about Wendy being a queer mother, but I do not remember any of my details now, unfortunately.

Christina Tucker: To be fair, I forgot to vote because I hate him so much.

In: Wait but Tinkerbell DEFINITELY has problems with mom.


12. Mulan

Heather: I know Mulan has no real problems with mom, but I wish we could have seen her mom react to cutting her entire hair with a sword! Classic bisexual going out motion.

11. Hercules

In: Do we know anything about her parents? The fact that her background is almost blunt gives me hard problems for mom.

Heather: Girl you can not deny it
What you are is how you feel
Baby we do not buy
Okay, we saw you hit the ceiling
Treat it like a big one
When you got it, you got it bad
(Mom problems)

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10. Mary Poppins

Heather: Julie Andrews, Original Mommi. The only person on this list is Sandra Oh.

9. The Incredibles

Christina Tucker: This is difficult because I feel that Elasti-girl is objectively perfect, but listening to Holly Hunter’s voice is enough to send me into a spiral of many hours.

Heather: My dad went to high school with Holly Hunter and was in love with her, and his greatest love when I was growing up was Jodi Foster. Do you think my dad is a lesbian?

Christina Tucker: Yes, the science behind this is simply unquestionable.

Carmen: I refuse to sell Elasti-girl like that. I just refuse p.

8. Maternal trap

Christina Tucker: Look the plot of this movie is so much beyond the simple mom’s issues that literally confuse the mind BUT Natasha Richardson is so bright ?? And that moment when Hallie confesses that she really is not Annie and worries that she will not like Elizabeth ???

Carmen: The evil that will soon become a stepmother Parental trap is the root for many homosexuals of a certain age, and this can be for nothing.

Christina Tucker: She is very hot and very bad (extremely hot) but she is TWENTY-SIX and that’s just not mom to me.

7. Babi

Carmen: BABY ????! How dare you. Now I have to go cry somewhere. HIS MOTHER DIED WE CAN’T HAVE PEACE!?!?

6. Brave

Heather: I actually had to leave the theater and sit in the parking lot and cry alone for an hour during the climax of this movie when she tries to Save HER MOM and fails. I do not think I know how this movie ends?

Drew: This movie falls into this frustratingly sweet spot where I think it is really underrated, but not good enough to declare it as some kind of masterpiece that has been overlooked. That said, mom’s problems are undeniable.

Valerie: If it had musical numbers it would be one of my favorites of all time.

Drew: Okay yes that was needed.

Christina Tucker: WHY DOESN’T THIS HAVE SONGS ?? But BOY has problems with mom.

5. Dubo

Heather: You know, Disney does not just support gay and trans people. they actively tried to ruin our lives when we were children. “Get ready for Bury Your Gays with a little warm up called BURY YOUR PENTS!”

4. Cruella

Heather: I do not think we have talked enough about the fact that Cruella became who she was because a wild herd of raging Dalmatians pushed her mother off a cliff!

Carmen: Or is it because we all kindly excluded this movie from our memory, I think.

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In: IDK I think mom’s issues in this movie are low key.

3. Frozen

Heather: Elsa not only has problems with her mom. is definitely going to give icy magical daughters to moms for a lifetime.

Christina Tucker: A couple of punches of “Into The Unknown” and “Show Yourself” in Frozen 2 is really something like that too much alignment with your dead mother may not be good for the mind

Drew: I remain an honest “Frozen 2 songs were written for a lesbian love story and then adapted to be about Elsa’s mother”.

Christina Tucker: Tragic how close these two things can be.

Himani: I feel like Elsa’s story, especially in Frozen 2, is the ultimate Mommi theme for people of non-white or non-mainstream heritage trying to navigate a white world. I understand that Elsa and Ana are both white passers-by, but the whole story of the mother of the natives is where it really is.

2. Tangled

Yash: What emoji is “this is the most mom of mom’s problems”?

Drew: Who among us has not been locked in a tower by our authoritarian mothers (metaphorically)?

Christina Tucker: Donna Murphy’s performance in “Mother Knows Best” is unfortunately extremely hot for me.

Valerie: My mom and I saw this movie three (3) times in a row the first time I saw it.

Yash: This is the kind of tape that becomes a repetitive point of contact / pattern in therapy.

Valerie: I once downloaded a whole rabbit hole of a theory that Meg from Hercules is Mother Goethe. It was flawed, of course, but very compelling.

1. It turns red

Drew: I know there is a Disney movie with a princess literally locked in a tower, but that still wins for me. The moment she comforts her mom as a child because of HER mom’s issues ??? Mommy Issues Inception.

Valerie: This movie gave my mom problems mom.

Christina Tucker: I was not ready to watch this movie and that is NOT useful.

Natalie: Yes, this should be # 1 overall. Mom issues over mom issues.

Carmen: I specifically participated in this so that I could vote for this film. The be all and end all of Mommy Issues Pixar Movies (* pending patent).

In: This movie is over for me.

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