Dirty new details emerge over Prince Andrew’s accusations

A disgraced Prince Andrew spooked politicians and shocked dinner hosts with his disgusting behavior – but it wasn’t the worst.

From time to time, interesting news about various members of the royal family came out. Note the fact that the Queen speaks impeccable French with an accent worthy of the most soignée Left Bank Parisienne or that she keeps dog treats, crosswords and even the occasional penknife in her iconic permanently attached bag.

And at the other end of the spectrum, we have new details emerging with thickening regularity about what Prince Andrew has been up to over the past few decades.

This week a flurry of some of the most shocking and wildest revelations has surfaced about the 62-year-old Duke of York, who is really saying something, all of which belongs to both insiders and former members of the public. Vanity Exhibition doyenne Tina Brown and her new book, Palace Papers.

If there’s one thing Andrew clearly doesn’t deserve, it’s the slightest sympathy. Just when you and I might think it’s impossible for Andrew to be such an ominous character again, then blame, something new and disgusting emerges.

It’s hard to know where to start with Brown recounting d’Andrew’s affair: his alleged 48-hour porn party? Or that her friend, convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, appears to have played her like Yo Yo Ma on the full run to make money in an “unclear foreign market”?

One of the many unsolved mysteries that have long swirled around Andrew is what he might have gotten while traveling the world as a British trade envoy from 2001 to 2011.

Brown wrote that a former Secretary of State and Labor MP, Chris Bryant, told him the duke would “go on a secret mission and come back with a bounty.”

Obviously Andrew has not read the official royal gift policy which states that “In all cases, and particularly in official overseas travel, organizations and individuals should be discouraged from offering lavish gifts.” (Can’t sleep? You can read the full policy document here. Guaranteed you’ll be snoring in no time.)

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Bryant also said that Andrew “is a nightmare because he demands more acreage at the hotel than any other member of the Royal family. When he went to Davos he had a bigger chalet than anyone else, and everyone was asking: ‘Why?’”

While Prince Philip’s father is legendary for his racist satire, Andrew, in Brown’s story, can make him run for his offensive money. Westminster insiders also recounted to Brown various instances where they were blown away by his harrowing conversations.

Take a moment when Andrew made a “horrific joke” ‘involving a camel’ at the 2007 Buckingham Palace state banquet for the Saudi king, which left former Labor secretary of state Jacqui Smith “against”.

Or there was a time where now British Prime Minister, then mayor of London, Boris Johnson was left “shocked”, according to Brown, after the prince set a “crazy tone for city improvement.”

“I’m the last person to become a republican, but, th—, if I had to spend another lunch like that, I would soon,” Johnson commented afterwards.

Is it any wonder that according to (FO) State Office Bryant, “it’s common parlance that the last thing the FO wants is Andrew on a trip, because he’s going to offend half the people at the dinner table.”

What’s particularly interesting is that Brown also offers one possible explanation for Andrew’s rudeness and all the dummkopf-worthy behavior.

He argues that Andrew has “shown classic symptoms” of the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is a cognitive bias characterized by people with low intelligence thinking they are much smarter than they are. (Previous White House occupants have also been widely reported to have matched the diagnosis.)

What made the situation worse for the Duke of York was that “years of enjoying fruitless respect for his royal position [has] allows Andrew to bang with a combination of overconfidence and unmatched ignorance. It also makes him an easy target for con artists and criminals,” Brown wrote.

Which brings us to Epstein who, according to Brown, tells people his royal friend is an “idiot” despite being a “useful one.”

While much of the coverage of the decade-long friendship between the two men has focused on allegations of sexual assault (a claim Andrew has always vehemently denied), Brown has also framed their relationship as one driven by greed.

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“Epstein told a friend that he used to fly the Duke of York to obscure foreign markets, which the government was obliged to accept, and Epstein joined as HRH’s investment advisor. With Andrew as frontman, Epstein was able to negotiate a deal with these (often) cheaters.”

Stupid Andrew maybe, but what is Epstein still launching when the kingdom pops up for a jolly holiday in New York.

In Palace Papersit was revealed that the Duke of York lived in Epstein’s $103 million townhouse “so often, he was given his own magnificently decorated guest room” which financiers refer to as the “Britanica Suite”.

(Still sticking to the line about Andrew that, as you tell the BBC’s Emily Maitlis, it would be “an exaggeration to say … we are close friends”?)

The mysterious financier, the origins of whose $750 million fortune is never fully explained, not only took advantage of the door that HRH opened but also played with its “sense of grievance”.

“I don’t know why people don’t respect us as royalty,” Andrew reportedly complained to a woman sitting next to him at dinner at Epstein’s house.

(There’s a nice satisfaction in knowing that if Andrew felt he didn’t get the kind of respect he deserved back then, then he must have been pretty inconsolable these days.)

We’ve come this far and so I need you to prepare yourself for what I believe is Brown’s most sickening revelation about the prince. (If you’re reading this while eating hot toast, put it down. Take a deep breath.)

According to Brown, in 1993, Andrew was in Palm Springs in California, living on the sprawling estate of former US ambassador to the UK Walter Annenberg and his wife, Lee. Nicknamed the Camp David of the West Coast, many US presidents and global power players have enjoyed the hospitality of the Annenberg family and their 200-acre estate. Andrew, by this time, had separated from his wife Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York the previous year so he was technically free and free from luxury.

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So did Andrew captivate the hosts? Prove to be an exemplary guest? Never once left a wet towel on a sunbed?

I think you know the answer.

“The duke is always over-sex like a teenager looking at boobs” says Brown, and left Lee Annenberg “by surprise” after he “hid in his room for two days, apparently watching porn on cable TV.”

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen: Andrew’s most disgusting tale!

But let’s underline double and triple that ‘not yet’ because if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Queen’s favorite child it is that her ability to shock and horrify is unmatched.

What kind of adult lives in the mansion of a diplomat and spends his days masturbating? Or crack a camel joke at a state dinner for a Middle Eastern king? Or willing to let their partner ride the gun on official trading trips so the couple can fill their pockets?

Andrew’s sins aren’t just the occasional bad choice or missteps here and there. The man had shown the clearest pattern of disgusting behavior for decades.

So, I have an idea.

The Queen owns the Castle of Mey, an enormous 16th century stone monster, originally purchased by the Queen Mother in 1952. The castle is impressive, frozen in appearance and located at the northernmost tip of mainland Scotland. (It’s impossible to go further than London without taking a boat.)

Time to leave Andrew there.

He didn’t deserve a second chance, or rather a 67th chance. He deserves lousy Wi-Fi, winter in Scotland, and stuck with Fergie as Fergie drinks her juice on a shopping network via Zoom from the spare bedroom. Best of all? No one should ever know if he ever decided to watch cable TV, cough, for days on end.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with some of Australia’s leading media titles.

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