Director Morbius Explains Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man’s Easter Egg

Morbius is finally in theaters after many delays, many trailers and more than a few confused excerpts from the film’s cast and crew. The film follows Michael Morbius of Jared Leto, a scientist who, in an attempt to cure his blood disease, becomes infected with a form of vampirism. The critical acclaim was less than spectacular for the film, and the early box office returns are at least gloomy.

The bloody epic serves as Sony’s last knife in its own Spider-Man universe. So far, the internet boss himself has not appeared in any of the Sony Spider-Man Universe movies (except for Tom Holland’s brief moment in his post-credit scene Venom: Let it be Carnage).


But there were hints pointing to the crawler wall Morbius multiple trailers. Either was the Oscorp logo from The Amazing Spider-ManMicheal Keaton’s Vulture by Spider-Man: Homecomingor Tobey Maguire web-slinger coated in a mural, hints at all three Spideys have appeared at some point in marketing for Morbius. All of this happened without any confirmation as to why they appear in the film implicitly for every Spider-Man on the big screen.

So now that the movie is out, everything has been answered, right? Well, if it was that simple.

Where’s Tobey’s Spidey Poster

Spider-Man, Morbius

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Morbius Director Daniel Espinosa referred to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man poster that appears in the movie trailers, although he did not actually appear in the final film.


said the director “this image is only in the trailer” and that, as a manager, he “only [does] the movie” He went on to say that he could only comment on this change “as a fan” but it can be “honest” because he “I did not put it there:”

“This picture is only in the trailer. So for me, as a director, I only make the film. I, as a fan, have a lot of opinions and thoughts about it. But because I did not put it there, because it is not in the film, and I do not I did not put it in the trailer either. (Well) if I said something about what I think it is, it would be like a fan. But because I’m the director, I’m accused of knowing something. I do not know, you know? If I knew something, I could “(But) it’s not mine. It’s not my idea, you know? I want to be honest and responsible, but I can not, because it’s not mine.”

He’s just the Director

In a series of marketing that was nothing but confusing, it should come as no surprise that, even after the day of release, this pattern will continue. For home counting fans, here’s another puzzling excerpt from someone behind Morbius.

One would think that a director would have some kind of manipulation about what he does and does not do in the trailers for his films. Some directors cut the trailers of their own films themselves!

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However, it seems that Sony is planning at least something. Espinosa has already noted this “The public will [soon] discover” what the studio has in store a Spider-Man in it Venom / Morbius universe. So perhaps the team believed that these plans would have stabilized by then Morbius made its debut and eventually did not make it, with the result that the team pulled the Tobey poster from the film.

He feels that this could be the case. However, this phrase of the film’s director is so confusing that it could be completely honest, which may be even more worrying about what is happening at Sony Pictures.

Morbius is now playing in theaters worldwide.



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