Director Morbius Breaks Silence on Spider-Man’s Trailer Report Missing

It seems that everyone is talking about Morbius this weekend, but not in any way that includes the latest addition to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Instead, all the attention is on Michael Keaton’s Vulture appearances in the film and the lack of references to Spider-Man, something that all the trailers mentioned. With the film falling to a sad critical acclaim, audiences were more lenient with the live vampire debut, but director Daniel Espinosa now explained why this trailer scene, including the Spider-Man mural, did not make it into the final film. . Small SPOILERS for Morbius contained in this article.


It is fair to say that of all the recently released movies that include Spider-Man-related characters, Morbius has caused the most confusion for his confused world who does not seem to be able to decide whether he is part of a Spider-Man world or not. While Espinosa has previously said that Morbius lives in the world of Tom Hardy’s Venom, and no doubt where the coming Kraven The Hunter will also rest, the trailers seemed to suggest otherwise. First there was the image of Spider-Man appearing on a mural with the word killer sprayed on it and then the introduction of Adrian “Vulture” Toomes by MCU’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now Espinosa has explained what happened to the first of them, claiming he was never part of the film. He told CinemaBlend:

“This picture is only in the trailer. So for me, as a director, I only make the film. I, as a fan, have a lot of opinions and thoughts about it. But because I did not put it there, because it is not in the film, and I do not I did not put it in the trailer either. (Well) if I said something about what I think it is, it would be like a fan. But because I’m the director, I’m accused of knowing something. I do not know, you know? If I knew something, I could “(But) it’s not mine. It’s not my idea, you know? I want to be honest and responsible, but I can not, because it’s not mine.”

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Has Sony tried and failed to do any tricks in the Marvel Studios trailer with Morbius?


With Espinosa claiming that the Spider-Man mural seen in the trailer was never in the movie, he suggests that somewhere in the line, Sony was trying to do a little trick that perfected Marvel Studios when it released a trailer for the upcoming movies. While Marvel is accustomed to including alternative shots or removing key characters from scenes in order to keep some movie release secrets, Sony has simply managed to annoy a lot of fans by including something in its trailer that obviously was not going to be the last one. film.

Aside from annoying Spider-Man and MCU fans, Michael Keaton’s Vulture scenes only occur in the post-credits movie scenes, which somehow transfer the character to this universe from Dr’s spell. . Strange. Although nothing about Vulture’s appearance seems to make sense to anyone, since his arrival, through the presence of Vulture’s costume in a world he obviously did not have before, and the fact that Morbius seems happy talking to him for Spider-Man without seemingly knowing who Spider-Man is, it turns out that all this is just the icing on the cake in a mostly unattractive cake.

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