Did Rocky ASAP cheat on Rihanna or is that a bad rumor?

Easter is meant to be a time of reflection, so let’s spare some thought for poor old Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.

While you’re busy hunting for eggs, kneeling at church, or sunbathing on the beach this long weekend, one of pop culture’s most shining couples is playing a passion game they’re not making of their own. Long story short, their relationship was crucified by the gossip factory on Friday and mourned on Saturday, before resurrecting on Sunday.

Tell me what? Who did what to Rihanna?!
Robyn Rihanna Fenty – known to everyone simply as Rihanna – is the 34-year-old Barbados-born singer behind monster hits including Umbrella, Work and Four Five Seconds (with Kanye West and Paul McCartney). Even though he hasn’t released an album since 2016, his fortune is estimated to be Forbes with $US1.7 billion ($2.3 billion) – mostly due to his non-musical activities.

Junk talk: The internet was buzzing over Easter with rumors that Rihanna, left, and ASAP Rocky - who are expecting their first child together - have split.

Junk talk: The internet was buzzing over Easter with rumors that Rihanna, left, and ASAP Rocky – who are expecting their first child together – have split.

In 2017 she signed a $10 million deal with French luxury goods company LVMH, which owns Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessy, Christian Dior, Kenzo and many others, to launch the cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty. The main point of difference was the range of colors designed to suit all skin tones (at the time, a very innovative move); in 2020, it made more than $US550 million. In 2018, she and LVMH launched the lingerie brand Savage X Fenty. The equity increase in February 2021 is worth more than $US1 billion.

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Away from business, since November 2020 Rihanna has been dating A$AP Rocky – aka Rakim Mayers – a 33-year-old rapper from Harlem, New York, who is also considered a fashion leader. In January, the couple announced – the way the couple announced things like that, namely through a series of stylishly framed pictures on social media – that they were expecting a child. Her pregnancy has played out on social media as an ongoing campaign of body-positive image (where her lingerie line stands out).

Last week, however, the internet was engulfed by rumors that the relationship ended because Rocky had an affair with Amina Muaddi, a shoe designer who once worked with Rihanna’s Fenty label.

Who started this rumor?
An American in Paris. No, not Gene Kelly, but a 31 year old fashion blogger named Louis Pisano. They have 130,000 followers on Instagram and over 21,000 on Twitter, which is more than enough to pay attention to when spreading trash talk. Within minutes of Pisano posting on social media on Friday that the couple broke up, the rumors were repeated, and in some cases reported as fact, all over the internet.

So is it true or not? (And honestly, I can’t even believe I asked.)
With all accounts, no. Rihanna and Rocky kept a dignified silence, and photos – looking fresh – surfaced over a couple weekend in Barbados. Muaddi brushed off “false gossip” on an Instagram story, saying it had been created “with malicious intent”. Dan Pisano brought to Twitter on Saturday to apologize for their “stupid decision to tweet some of the information I received”, vowing not to use the platform until they figure out how to use it “for more positive work”.

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