Dermot Mulroney responds to reports that he is the new US President of the MCU (Exclusive)

Recent photos from his set Secret invasion appeared to show Dermot Mulroney (Game with agents) plays the new US President of the MCU and the actor has answered now … but he does not confirm anything!

Last month, photos from the Marvel Studios shoot Secret invasion started making the round by showing a surprisingly revealing newspaper headline. It is no secret that a large part of the Disney + series will take place in London, but it seems that both the US President and Rhodey, also known as War Machine, will be coming to the UK for what has been described as an “urgent conversation”.

Eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that Dermot Mulroney (Hannah) appeared to have been elected President Richon. When we talked to the actor about his action-packed role in the new spy thriller Game with agents (see the trailer below), we had to ask if it has actually joined the MCU.

He did not confirm or categorically deny that we will see him Secret invasion, but he seemed to give some hints that, yes, he’s the one in these photos. You can read an excerpt from our interview below, but if you head to point 9:13 in the video, the actor’s facial expressions can just give the game away!

We’ll let you judge that, of course, but it would be fun to see Mulroney join the MCU. The last President was in the middle of a war between Iron Man and AIM, so this could be a role in which the actor can really grit his teeth … especially if the President turns out to be Skrull. Of course, this is supposed to be real inside Secret invasion (we are sure it is).

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Come back here tomorrow for our full Game with agents interview with Mulroney.

In another note, I’m not sure if you know, but there are some photos coming out recently that show you in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe series Secret invasion next to Don Cheadle. The theory is that you are impersonating the President of the United States – can you say something about that?

I do not know α I worked with Don Cheadle and I think there are some footage from that episode of Fame in 1986 on YouTube, so do not watch it. Um, sorry, was there another question?

Fair enough. You can not accuse me of trying! Of course, you voiced the Green Lantern a few years ago Batmanso have superhero works appeared in your past or was it a lump sum for you?

Yes, what happened to that? I think I did a handful of episodes. Did he survive? Am I okay out there? Did anyone take the voice? I do not know! I never really listened. If I’m still a Green Lantern, will anyone let me know please? I know I was for this short time and I always enjoy it. To be honest with you, I can keep auditioning for cartoons, commercials, and so on all the time. It’s not really where I had the most success, but thank you. Green Lantern is [a] quite vague [role], except when you enter a world where there are superheroes and so on I have heard. I’ve heard it can; maybe that’s all I’ll say. Again, maybe it’s better if. Yes.

Once you get on the radar of a superhero fan, they will follow you even if it is something so vague.

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I am blessed in this way, even with the little I have done so far and I can do in the near future. Or not. And other species as well. Of course, I’ve been terrified, and these fans are so tough. Western, of course. I will always be grateful to those who love these movies as much as I do. So thank you for the support of superhero fans [Laughs].

Agent Game is coming to cinemas, digital and on demand on April 8, 2022.

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