Daniel Johns in rehab: Silverchair star sad update

Currently in rehab and facing possible jail time for drunk driving charges, the Australian music star said he “feels really screwed up.”

Former silver chair frontman Daniel Johns has posted his first message on social media after announcing last month that he will be undergoing rehab to deal with mental health and alcohol issues.

Johns, 42, publicly announced on March 24 that he had been in a car accident the day before after “getting lost” while on the road, and that he had suffered a “panic attack” recently. It was reported this week that he may face jail time after pleading guilty to drunk driving.

“In addition to my therapy, I have self-medicated with alcohol to deal with my anxiety and depression. I know this isn’t sustainable or healthy,” he wrote last month.

“I have to withdraw now because I admitted myself to the rehab center and I don’t know how long I will be there. Appreciate your love and support as always.”

In his first update since entering rehab, Johns today told fans he’s only now realizing the severity of his drinking problem.

“My drinking has become a bigger problem than I realized, and how I use it to help numb the deeper psychological problems I’ve had as a child. Some of these problems you know, and many cut deeper. Alcohol is not a drug. I shouldn’t have treated her like that. I feel really screwed up and I’m sorry,” read the note, which was transcribed from a phone call with Johns in rehab.

“I take full responsibility for my actions on the night of March 23, I am deeply sorry and I work every day to make amends. I handled this matter professionally and personally. For legal reasons, I cannot speak specifically on social media or elsewhere until after June 22.”

Johns’ drinking-driving court case has been adjourned until June 22, with the star this week pleading guilty to drunk driving – which could see him serve a prison sentence.

This personal setback comes in the midst of what was supposed to be a career comeback for Johns, who was the subject of a recent podcast series discussing his rise to fame and his highly public struggles. Second solo album FutureNever will be released next Friday, and Johns told fans he will still be doing his best to promote the new record “while I continue on this long road of healing – some days are better than others.”

“I spent the last 12 months building this project and doing a bit of long-term media, so I hope we have enough for you while I collect my shit,” he continued.

He also explained that his team will take care of his Instagram account in the future while focusing on getting better.

“April 22 represents a fresh start for many reasons… for anyone facing their own demons, you are not alone. Love you all, see you on the other side.”

The Australian music icon stunned fans during his publicity commitment last month when he made it clear that not only would he never reform the silver chair, he never intended to perform again in person.

“Some people write records so they can perform them live, which is really cool, but I don’t write music so I can perform them,” says Johns. Rolling stone.

“I just don’t feel like a performing artist. I don’t feel like a touring artist. I feel like someone who needs to discover things, and come up with new things.”

Johns last year bluntly confirmed the silver chair will never change with him as the lead in the podcast’s first episode Who is Daniel Johns?

“I’m not even going to get Silverchair back together for a million dollars with a gun to my head,” he said.

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