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January 6

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, former Georgia election officer, testifies as her mother, Ruby Freeman listens, as the House elected committee investigating the January 6 attacks on the US Capitol continues to reveal its findings from a year-long investigation, at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, June 21, 2022 (Michael Reynolds/Pool Photo via AP)AP

The latest public hearings about the January 6 attacks on the US Capitol begin this afternoon. Following a previous hearing on Tuesday, June 21, the House elected committee will reveal its findings on the uprising with the help of testimony, and evidence from the Trump Administration.

Live broadcast coverage will be available on the committee’s website,,, and other major cable news networks in addition to Fox News. Live TV services like fuboTV and DirecTV Stream will also have coverage.

The panel spent the past year investigating January 6 with interviews from the Trump Administration. According to CNN, the hearing will serve as an overview of the investigation 10 months ahead of President Joe Biden’s confirmation of victory.

The panel was unable to bring lawsuits against Trump, however, the committee has been able to uncover the truth about the uprising and link the attempted violent plot back to the Trump Administration. Ultimately, the Justice Department will have the final say on whether or not to file criminal charges against Trump.

Here’s how to set it

What: January 6 committee hearing

Where: Cannon House Office Building

When: Thursday, June 23

Time: 1pm ET

News Network:,, ABC News Live, MSNBC, CBS, and other major news channels except FOX

Live broadcast: fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, Sling, Vidgo, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV

Update from the 4th trial (June 21)

  • Many witnesses have come forward during the 4th trial to say that Trump was personally involved in efforts to bring fake voters into key states.
  • Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers said he received phone calls from Trump and Giuliani, urging him to be part of a plan that would place pro-Trump voters in those key states. Bowers said he “didn’t want to be used as a pawn.”
  • Two Republican congressmen helped the effort to overturn the election. Republican Rep. Andy Briggs asked Bowers to support the desertification of Biden state voters. GOP Senator Ron Johnson asked Pence for help on how he could send fake election ballots for Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin. These ballots were not sent to the National Archives.
  • Witnesses who appeared at the trial spoke about the consequences they faced in assisting Trump, including having threats and attacks on their homes and family members.
  • Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman testified before the panel to say they were at the center of the Georgia attack because of the pressure the Trump team put on them. The mother and daughter were the faces of Trump’s disinformation during the 2020 election.

Update from the 3rd trial (June 16)

  • Committee chair Thompson opened the hearing by praising Pence for rejecting Trump’s request.
  • Witnesses have stated time and again that Giuliani and Eastman knew that the Trump plot was illegal.
  • Eastman asked for forgiveness via email.

Update from the 2nd trial (June 13)

  • Trump’s advisers knew the election was not stolen and alerted the former president. Trump refuses to believe them and chooses to ignore the facts. Instead, it emerged that Trump listened to Rudy Giuliani, who urged him to declare victory and accept claims of voter fraud.
  • Giuliani denied being drunk when he urged Trump to declare victory. However, senior adviser Jason Miller claimed that Guiliani was drunk.
  • Trump responded to the second trial with a 12-page statement calling the investigation a fraud and encouraging a voter fraud conspiracy.
  • A third hearing originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, has been postponed. Instead, Thursday’s hearing will focus on Mike Pence’s refusal to count electoral votes despite pressure from Donald Trump.

Update from the first trial (June 9)

  • Ivanka “accepts” former Attorney General William Barr’s statement that there has never been voter fraud in the 2020 election.
  • Barr told the panel he resigned in December 2020 from the Trump administration rather than oppose the election results.
  • In Truth Social, Trump wrote, “Ivanka Trump was not involved in viewing, or studying, the election results. He’s been vetting and, in my opinion, just trying to respect Bill Bar and his position as Attorney General (he sucks!)”
  • Rep. Liz Cheney said Trump was overseeing a 7-part plan to cancel the election.
  • Capitol Police Officer Caroling Edwards explains how she suffered a concussion while protecting the Capitol from protesters.
  • The Nick Quested documentary shows a meeting between the leaders of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers before the January 6 attacks. The two leaders were charged with sedition conspiracy but pleaded not guilty.
  • Truth Social, Trump’s social app, bans users from posting about committee hearings.

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