Colin Trevorrow talks about Giga Dinosaur

The Giantosaur in Universal's Jurassic World Dominion.

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The Jurassic World movie theater loves to bring in new dinosaurs to terrorize citizens and possibly eat the protagonists Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). of 2015 Jurassic World introduced us to the aquatic Mosasaur and the genetically modified Indominus Rex (or iRex, do you understand?), which was made from the spun DNA of other dinosaurs to attract park visitors. of 2018 Defeated Kingdom brought with him the Indoraptor, which fused the iRex to predator DNA from Owen’s Blue BFF predator. For the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion, Another young reptile comes and seeks to nibble any poor soul in its path.

For the cover of the upcoming movie, Empire Magazine provided a new look at the film’s new baddie dino, Giganotosaurus, also known as Giga. Unlike iRex and Indoraptor before that, this one is not genetically engineered by crazy scientists. Giga is just a normal dinosaur that existed in real life and roams the world after its end Defeated Kingdom. And according to director Colin Trevorrow, Giga is meant to feel like him Dark Knight’s Joker, of everything. He even went so far as to use an emblematic quote related to Prince Clown: “This [the Giga] he just wants to see the world burn. ”

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A strange comparison, but Giga’s residence should be fun for long-time moviegoers. In modern times, his home is the BioSyn Valley, named after InGen’s rival technology company and paid Dennis Nedry to steal John Hammond’s dinosaur embryos long ago. As Trevorrow explained, governments around the world have captured the dinosaurs that were frantically around their lands, and BioSyn got the contract to house them all. But like Henry Wu before them, they are stupid enough to get involved with the captured dinos and play it god. “They claim that it is a research facility where they can study the medicinal values ​​of animals,” the director teased, “but there are some other things that happen.” One of the new additions to the cast, Mamoudou Athie’s Ramsay Cole, is an employee of BioSyn and has been described as “a very ambitious and forward-thinking young man”. Let’s hope that this ambition does not lead him to become one of Giga’s undoubtedly many, many victims.

More than anything else, the big question about Giga is how Blue the Raptor will do it. Remember that Blue collaborated with T. Rex in World to kill iRex (with last minute termination by Mosasaur) and Kingdom saw Blue knock down the Indian all from her loneliness. It seems unlikely they will break from delivering the third act now! How will he knock down Giga or will he be the last big dino to face? We will have to wait until Sovereignty is coming out in theaters on June 10 to find out.

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