Check out Joe Manganiello’s futuristic look at his new sci-fi series

By Michileen Martin 14 seconds ago

joe manganiello

If you’re not looking a little weird, then it’s not really the future, is it? Joe Manganiello is no exception. The True blood The star has a brand new series set in the future and has a new look for the role. You can see it for yourself in the new teaser for AMC + Moonhaven.

Released on Monday, the Moonhaven The teaser lasts only 15 seconds, but uses its time well. The preview opens with a plant sprouting somehow from an astronaut’s footprint on the surface of the Moon. Then we see the Moon from a greater distance, with a part of its surface seemingly transformed into a green, verdant paradise. Next, we meet some of the stars of the series, including Joe Manganiello. The Justice League The star delivers the unique dialogue in the teaser – “See you on the Moon”. – to someone off screen that we can not distinguish. Manganiello has a new moawk and a black leather jacket with a futuristic look. You can watch the teaser below.

Together with Joe Manganiello, the teaser gives us shots from other actors in the series. See Amara Karan (Darjeeling Limited) in a high-tech apartment, Emma McDonald (The image of Dorian Gray) secretly passing through a forest and Dominic Monaghan (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) looking up as he stands on a dock. You can see footage of all of this below.

joe manganiello moonhaven
Joe Manganiello inside Moonhaven
Amara Karan inside Moonhaven
Emma McDonald inside Moonhaven
Moonhaven Dominic Monaghan
Dominic Monahan inside Moonhaven

According to Collider, Moonhaven will premiere exclusively on AMC + on Thursday 30 June. The story takes place in the 22nd century, when a community somehow managed to build a utopian society in The Moon. Meanwhile, on Earth, humanity is approaching destruction. McDonald’s character will obviously be the protagonist. He will play Bella Sway, a smuggler trapped in the title community and eventually “wrapped up in a conspiracy” to destroy her.

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According to Deadline’s announcement last year about Manganiello casting in the series, it will be Dominic Monaghan’s character Paul Serno – a detective – with whom Bella Sway joins forces. Joe Manganiello will play Tomm Schultz, a former military man who works closely with Earth’s diplomat on the Moon. Schultz’s plans obviously change after taking a mind-altering drug.

In recent days, Joe Manganiello is taking more and more steps on the vocal side of his career. A good percentage of his most recent cast include roles in animated series such as Greens of the Big City and American father!or animated features such as Goat. In fact, the Deathstroke actor will soon be reunited with Zack Snyder for the animation Army of the Dead spin-off series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

There are also reports that Joe Manganiello may soon reprise the role he just scratched the surface. The actor appeared as Slade Wilson also known as Deathstroke in a post-credits scene for 2017 Justice Leaguein a brand new series for last year Zack Snyder’s Justice Leagueand was originally intended to act as a competitor when Ben Affleck was affiliated with Batman. Although everything is working against him to get a real crack in the place, Manganiello posted a picture of himself (above) as a Deathstroke on his Instagram in February, leading to speculation that he might eventually shoot him.

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