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Over the Easter holiday weekend, ITV3 screened 21 of the most iconic Carry On films. One of Carry On’s most beloved stars is Hattie, who appeared in 14 out of 30 British comedies, often playing the role of an honest headteacher and housewife. However, far from the classic Carry On, Hattie lives a colorful and turbulent life as opposed to the roles she plays on screen.

In 1949 she married Dad’s Army star John Le Mesurier and the couple had two sons together, Robin and Jake.

But in 1962, at the age of 40 and at the height of her Carry On fame, Hattie met John Schofield, after she wrote him a letter inviting him to become a patron of the Leukemia Research fund.

Mr Schofield is seven years his junior, and on the verge of separating from his wife Brenda after the couple’s relationship was strained by their son’s cancer diagnosis.

When Mr Schofield and Hattie met they hit it off right away and one night, after charity, they ended up in bed, starting a passionate relationship.

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Hattie Jacques cheated on her Dad’s Army husband (Image: Gett)


Hattie is one of the stars of the Carry On series (Image: Getty)

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Brenda explained: “John is not a great father he was never cut out to be a father but he is a charismatic personality. Our goodbyes were really friendly. We just gradually grew apart.

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“When you have a sick child, you handle it in a different way. John wanted to go out and party while I concentrated on taking care of our son.

“In the end I just realized he wasn’t there when I wanted him to so we split up. But we’re still friends and my second husband, Victor, and I are going to visit him and Hattie.”

Meanwhile, Hattie’s biographer, Andrew Merriman, described Schofield as “a very handsome and charismatic East Ender that he was immediately attracted to.”


John Le Mesurier was not aware of the affair at first (Image: Getty)

He added: “He was articulate, charming and funny and flattered Hattie without shame.

“Hattie quickly became infatuated with her and, being so insecure about her own appearance, couldn’t believe that someone so attractive could find her as seductive”.

Hattie’s marriage to Mr Le Mesurier has been widely viewed as safe and for a while the Dad’s Army star was unaware of the affair.

It was only while shooting the 1964 film ‘The Moon-Spinners’ that the actor realized that something was not right at home.

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hattie jacque

Hattie divorced her husband in 1965 (Image: Getty)

He wrote in his autobiography: “It was so clear to me when I returned from a few weeks on set to find that Schofield was on his way to act as a surrogate father. Of course the kids enjoyed his fun ways and urged him to take them bowling or some other interesting treat.

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“Hattie tried to explain the recent changes in our domestic routine. After all, we have open houses with friends who come in unannounced and often stay with us for days or weeks.

“But it would be foolish not to know that this is different. I could have quit, but whatever my failure, I love Hattie and the kids and I believe I have to believe that we can repair the damage. Jealousy is not in my character and I hold fast to the belief that Hattie is in control of her emotions.”

Mr Le Mesurier, however, found it increasingly difficult to cope with the situation and in August 1965 the couple divorced after more than 15 years of marriage.


Hattie was at the peak of her fame in the sixties (Image: Getty)

As soon as Mr Le Mesurier left the family home, Hattie and Mr Schofield began a public relationship together, but the relationship was short-lived.

Mr Schofield began trying to seduce a number of Hattie’s friends, while also allegedly abusing the actress.

Hattie is said to have admitted to Bruce Copp, who runs the Chelsea Restaurant which the actress frequents, that Mr Schofield had beaten her, while Mr Mesurier recalled him visiting her in hospital with a black eye.

In her autobiography she stated: “Hattie arrived one morning with some letters and magazines, plus the good news that I would be out in three days.

“He’s wearing sunglasses. He said that he had hit something and his eyes turned black. I know better. The truth is that he had a fight with Schofield he was jealous of Hattie’s visit to me and felt threatened.”

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The relationship between Hattie and Mr Schofield ended in 1966 when the couple had a big fight on the set of ‘The Bobo in Rome’.

Mr Schofield told the actress he had fallen in love with another woman, leaving Hattie devastated.

Returning home Hattie is hospitalized with a kidney infection, and is visited by Mr Schofield, who repeats their relationship has ended, before allegedly throwing the gold medal he gave her, bearing the words ‘I love you’ onto her hospital bed. .

Heartbroken Hattie was reportedly inconsolable, sobbing on the phone to friends.

‘A Jobbing Actor’ was written by John Le Mesurier and published by Penguin in 1987. You can find it here.

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