Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Panic as Ridge Presses Steffy to Remember Photoshoot

In her hospital room, Steffy gasped, “No! Shee-la.” Taylor and Ridge turned to see Sheila in the room behind them.

In the waiting room, Liam and Hope come back from drinking coffee and everyone leaves. Bridget happens and delivers the good news — Steffy is back! They all hug in relief. Liam asks if he’s out of danger and Bridget assures him it’s a step in the right direction. The doctor takes off as Paris and Zende arrive. Liam shares the news that Steffy is awake.

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In Steffy’s room, Thomas is very happy that his brother is back. Ridge says he talked to the big guy upstairs and he’s back. Steffy sleepily asked, “What… happened?” No one answered. He tries to say, “Hospital,” but Taylor tells him not to speak. Thomas realized he had no idea why he was there. Ridge tells him he was shot. As she digested this news, Sheila grimaced in a corner.

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In the hall, Zende and Paris question the shooting and he asks if Finn is really dead. Liam’s expression confirmed it. Zende said, “Thank goodness we didn’t lose either of them.” Liam explains that they thought it was a robbery gone wrong. Paris found it odd that they were even there. Zende wonders if they went there for dinner and parked in the back. Paris asks if Steffy knows Finn is missing. Liam points out it depends on the timing… if Finn is shot first. Paris tormented, “Who would do something like this?!?” Zende imagined them walking into something they couldn’t anticipate. Paris asked after Ridge. Liam said he was trying hard but it was hard. Zende couldn’t imagine what would happen to Ridge if he lost it. Hope and Paris talk optimistically about Steffy struggling to get back to her children. Zende asks how Liam is doing, so he opens his mind about Steffy not being around, which is something he isn’t prepared to deal with. This group is contemplating about not taking life for granted. Zende still couldn’t imagine who would shoot them and then disappear in the night.

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In Steffy’s room, Sheila blinks at Steffy screaming “You’re sick!” him in the alley. He advises Taylor to be right about not rushing Steffy’s recovery. Ridge got annoyed that he interrupted himself. Steffy said, “Shot… why?”

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In the hall, Liam tells Hope he’s so grateful Steffy is awake but he’s still processing. Paris couldn’t believe Finn was gone. Zende couldn’t imagine Steffy without him. Liam frets that he never told Finn how much he loved his son. “I don’t know how to tell Kelly she’ll never see him again.” Hope convinces they will find a way to tell him as a family. Liam frowned. “That’s how we lost Finn… it just doesn’t make any sense.” Paris hopes the police find the person soon. Hope was felt that maybe Steffy would be able to explain it.

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In Steffy’s room, Ridge tells his daughter he was shot in what appears to be a robbery. He asked, “What happened?” His father asks if he remembers anything. Steffy croaks, “I…” Taylor insists they let him rest, but Ridge wants to find a madman with a gun. Sheila revealed that as a nurse, she felt they shouldn’t stress it too much. Ridge struggles to maintain his patience with Sheila. He goes back to Steffy and asks who he thought put him there. Steffy looked past her at Sheila.
Sheila panic B&B

In the hallway, Paris sees a photo of Finn, Steffy and the kids on her cell phone. He tells Zende he can’t imagine moving on without Finn. He lowered his great attributes – he was an extraordinary man who did not deserve this.

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Nearby, Hope comments to Liam that what really hurts is this is the happiest Steffy she has ever seen in her life. Liam sighs and says they will all be there for him. Zende and Paris reunite as Liam hopes that this will not change Steffy, who is a fearless person. “Put me in the room with the person who did this, I swear to God,” he scowled. Hope reminds him that they must focus on getting Steffy back. Zende couldn’t imagine who would silence Steffy like this.

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In the hospital room, Ridge asks Steffy why she is at Il Giardino’s house. Steffi can’t remember. Sheila tries to get him to stop questioning her, but Ridge snarls that this is between him and his daughter. Steffy snorted and grimaced as she struggled to remember. Taylor said, “If you can tell us, please tell us.” Steffy grappled with her memories as Sheila watched intently.

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