Bold & Beautiful: Quinn Intentionally Heard as Carter Dumps Paris

At the hospital, Ridge hears the news that Sheila saved Taylor’s life. He’s grateful, but tells Sheila that they need to focus on Steffy now. He wonders what he’s doing jumping off the building – it’s not going to bring Finn back! Deputy Chief Baker appears and says that no one will bring him back, but he will do everything he can to get the trash off the streets that killed him. Sheila excused herself and went around the corner, where she held her head.

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn tells Eric that they could have stayed home, but he wanted to feel like they were doing something rather than just sitting around waiting. He sighed, “Thank goodness Steffy came back to her senses.” They admire him being shot and comment on how hard it is to believe Finn is missing. Eric stated they would get through this as a family.
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Carter arrives at the hospital and is joined by Paris and Zende. He gets a message from Hope and Liam, who are in the cafeteria asking if they want anything. Continuing their conversation, they discussed Finn leaving. Zende states that Carter is like part of the family. Carter cast a guilty look at Paris.

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After Paris goes to see her mother, Zende explains to Carter that Steffy is still resting. Now might not be the right time, but he could use some advice. Carter asked, “What’s wrong?” Zende confesses that he can’t keep Paris out of his mind and is ready to make her his wife. Carter knew she would treat her like a queen and urged designers to follow her heart. “Propose to him.”

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Zende joins Eric and Quinn at Forrester and reports that everyone is staying strong in the hospital. He had thought about the importance of family and said he couldn’t wait to ask Paris to be his wife. Eric is upset to hear the good news, but Quinn worries that Paris wants to stay relaxed. Zende knew in his heart that Paris was his future.
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In the design office, Carter closed his laptop and opened it again. Paris enters and notes that she has avoided him. Carter tells her this isn’t going to happen – he’s wrong for her, he has to be with Zende. Paris called him out. He said he loved her. If they love each other why can’t they work it out? “If it’s because of my mom…” Carter interrupted that of course it was about his mother—he had the same reaction as everyone else. He repeats that Zende is his future.

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At the hospital, Baker tells Taylor and Ridge that they had no luck finding camera footage of the shooting. He wanted to ask Steffy. Ridge tells him he doesn’t remember anything from the incident, yet.
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Deacon arrives at the hospital and finds Sheila sitting alone on the floor. He says he doesn’t deserve to be alone, but he questions that. He updates her that something extraordinary happened today. “I saved Taylor’s life.” Deacon learns that they are on the roof and that Sheila went there to end her life. He grimaced with sadness. Finn didn’t deserve to die and neither did he. The deacon advised that it would become easier. Sheila snapped at him. Everything he touches he destroys. The deacon argued, “It’s not all your fault.” Sheila remembered the shooting and banged her head against the wall.
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In the waiting room, Taylor tells Ridge that seeing Steffy there like that reminds him of Phoebe. Ridge, hugging him, teases that they won’t lose Steffy; he’s too stubborn. “Steffy will be fine.” Taylor’s heart breaks for Jack, Li… and Sheila. Ridge asks Taylor to tell him what happened between them on the roof. Taylor blinked to go over the edge, screamed, and was pulled back. The same woman who nearly ruined his life years ago, saved him. He explains what happened. Ridge reminds him not to forget all the things he did for their family. “One good deed does not erase all the evil he has committed! Don’t tell me you see it differently?! He insisted he had not changed. “Wherever this woman went, chaos followed and she is at her lowest point right now. I’m trying to figure out what he’s going to do with this family next. ”

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In the design office, Paris is upset that everyone thinks they have a say in her feelings. She’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions. “I cut you off.” He would risk his job and position with the Forrester family to be with him. Carter told him, “It’s not worth the risk for me.” She cried, “You didn’t mean that.” Carter wasn’t going to ruin his life. If Zende proposed to her, she would have to accept and live life with him. “I just want you to be happy. Paris left the office. The door closed, Carter turned around and Quinn was there. “Really? You and Paris?”

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