Bloopers or improvised scenes in TV and movies

Enjoy your eyes on these unplanned but iconic scenes!

Everyone makes mistakes and actors are no exception. Forgotten and tangled lines, backing malfunctions or just playful people – most of the time they just cut and other times they prove to be geniuses!

Here are some great improvised scenes or bluffs in successful TV shows and movies that were great to cut:


Mrs. Daubtfeir (1993)

20th Century Fox / Blue Wolf Productions / Via

The scene where Mrs. Doubtfire covered her face with icing did not go according to plan when the set lights began to melt from Robin Williams’s face. When the icing fell on Mrs. Selner’s tea, Williams decided to run with it and improvised the phrase “Look, you have your cream and sugar now.”


Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

Marvel Studios / Via

The moment inside Guardians of the Galaxy when Peter Quill throws the ball was without a script and was simply the result of the awkwardness of actor Chris Pratt. But because Pratt stayed in the character and the scene looked good, he stayed in the movie.


Supernatural (2005–20)

Warner Bros. TV Via

One of Dean Winchester’s iconic phrases “Son of a bitch” started out as a random improvisation that stuck and became a classic, repetitive line for the character throughout Supernatural.


Forrest Gump (1994)

Paramount Pictures Studio / Via

The line inside Forrest Gump where he introduces himself with “My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump” was not in the script. Tom Hanks said the last part by accident and they just let it in.


The friends

Bright / Kauffman / Crane Productions Warner Bros. Television. Via

The iconic scene where Ross says “Rachel” instead of Emily during his marriage to the latter was not actually in the original script.

David Schwimmer had confused the names in another scene and the authors decided to use it for this breathtaking moment. The friends.


The Princess Diaries (2001)

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

In Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway plays Mia, a clumsy and crazy girl who discovers that she is the heir to the throne of Genovia. Hathaway actually fell into one of the scenes where Mia had to walk on a stand. This blooper suited the clumsy character very well, so they kept it.


Dirty dance (1987)

Great American Films Limited Partnership / Via

The Dirty Dancing The scene where Johnny and Baby crawl on each other on the floor was just part of the actor warming up before filming. But the directors loved it and decided to make it part of the film.


Stranger Things (2016–)

21 Laps Entertainment / Via

The scene in his third season Stranger Things where Eleven collapsed in Michael’s arms and burst into tears after using all her energy to fight, it was just a genuine reaction from actress Millie Bobby Brown, after intense days of filming.

However, as the collapse of Eleven in that case seemed very natural, the scene was kept inside.


Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Orion Pictures / Via

Anthony Hopkins stole the show as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in just 25 minutes on screen Silence of the Lambs. Most memorable is the scene when Dr. Lecter talks to an FBI agent and starts whistling – this was completely improvised and resulted in completely honest reactions from his teammate.


Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Marvel Studios / Via

The scene inside Thor: The Dark World Where Thor hangs his hammer on a coat rack, Chris Hemsworth was just kidding. But his improvisation turned out so well that the scene was left in the final cut of the film.


How I met your mother (2005–14)

Bays & Thomas Productions / Via

Sometimes not knowing the actors for an upcoming plot reversal allows them to have genuine reactions that perform well. Such a scene is inside How I met your mother where Marshall discovers that his father died of a heart attack. Actor Jason Segel did not know that the character’s dad was going to die until they started filming the episode, so Marshall’s reaction had a lot to do with Segel’s own shock.


The office (2005–13)

Universal Television (2011-13) / Via

In this favorite moment of the fans at The office, Michael had no intention of kissing Oscar. But Steve Carell took matters into his own hands and went for a kiss on his co-star’s mouth for a masterpiece of improvisation.


Scrubs (2001–10)

Walt Disney TV / Via

Neil Flynn, who played the anonymous concierge Scrubs, was really a masterclass in improvisation. Flynn’s incredible ingenuity made Janitor – intended to appear only in the pilot – a permanent fixture in the series.

Almost everything Janitor said in eight seasons of the series was all Flynn and had nothing to do with a script.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Anonymous Content This Is That / Via

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a pretty triple movie. In a scene in which Kate Winslet’s character disappears abruptly, a genuine element of surprise is given because Jim Carrey was unaware of it – so his expression is natural.


Sherlock (2010–17)

BBC / Via

Sherlock it is nothing but sharp and clear in his words. But in a scene where he and Watson are dying, Benedict Cumberbatch’s idiocy with his lines matched perfectly even though he was not actually in the script.


home (2004–12)

Universal Network Television for Fox. Via

Dr. Gregory House, the title of the medical drama, home, was known for his insidious spirit. However, many of the grumpy doctor’s one-liners actually came from actor Hugh Laurie, who began improvising them quite often as part of the comedy background.


Scream (1996)

Woods Entertainment / Via

In an iconic slasher movie, Scream, the scene where Matthew Lillard’s character finds his weapon lost, sees him react with the phrase: “Ah … Houston, we have a problem.” As scripted as it may seem, this was actually an ad-lib by the actor.


Joker (2008)

Warner Bros. Via

Heath Ledger in his last role as the Joker is a completely different level of brilliance. The actor added several ways and improvised actions to make the character his own. An iconic scene is where the Joker sarcastically applauds during Jim Gordon’s promotional scene – this was done by Heath completely motivated by the moment.


godfather (1972)

Paramount Pictures / Via

The famous scene in godfather, where the character of Marlon Brando’s mafia boss, Don Vito Corleone, gives brutal orders while gently stroking a cat was just a perfect accident. The cat accidentally appeared on the set and jumped into Brando’s arms as he made the scene, making it much more memorable than one might imagine

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