Blind Date: Marketing executive Connor III seduces administrator Lily with his wit and charisma


I arrived first, my date was a few minutes late so when I was chatting with the staff and walking to our table I saw a guy with a backpack sitting in the corner and thought, oh my God, please not him. Thankfully not and my date arrived soon after.

Lily's Verdict: 9.5/10
Camera IconLily’s Verdict: 9.5/10 Credit: John Koh/Western Australia

My first impression of Connor III was that you picked a good one. He is tall and very easy to talk to. It doesn’t feel forced at all.

We started with some standard questions about work, how many siblings do you have, etc., then after the two of us had a drink and relaxed a bit, the conversation just flowed. There are no awkward silences or awkward moments actually. You can say that talking to people is very easy for him. He mentions he recently attended a totally crazy wedding. He told many good stories and made me laugh a lot.

I would describe Connor III as funny, charismatic, and fun.

For dinner, we shared several plates. I’ve been to Lotus before so I know even if my date isn’t great, the food/cocktail will be good. To be honest, I had set my expectations low for this date but funny enough, we ended up staying until around 10pm. We shared a bottle of red and just took our time. I didn’t feel rushed or anything – it was just an easy conversation. It was very bad weather, so we decided to stay instead of checking elsewhere.

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