Bill Macher blames “toxic femininity” for Will Smith’s Oscars in “real time”

Last night at Real time with Bill Maher, the inevitable issue of Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars arose and the HBO presenter had a lot to say. After all, it’s the only thing Hollywood has been talking about for almost a week.

“Thank you all for coming and showing a brave face,” Maher said as he opened the show with his monologue. “To Will Smith: Stay strong and I got your back.”

Macher paused for a second. “April Fool’s Day. You are a bird.”

He then threw a few punches at the actor who slapped Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars for a funny “GI Jane” about Jada’s wife’s shaved head due to alopecia. “I’m not here to humiliate Will Smith. He gets enough at home. “

“Everybody in America was talking about the sucker punch that ‘sounds around the world,'” Maher said. “All this ‘Keep my wife’s name away from your mouth’ did not really work.”

Although the physical confrontation on stage took place so quickly, Maher noted that “there was more action in three seconds than in three hours of Dog Power.”

He added: “Who would have thought that the movie that came out of the Oscars with all the buzz was GI Jane.”

Maher then ridiculed the reactions to Rock’s joke, saying that comparing a woman to Demi Moore at her hottest point was not a huge insult. “Alopecia is not leukemia,” he said. “I blame toxic femininity.”

Of course, more important things were happening in the world this week. “But we are not interested in that,” Macher joked.

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The host later addressed the issue during a panel discussion with Laura Coates, a senior CNN legal analyst, and Andrew Yang, in which he concluded that liberal hypocrisy seemed to be at the heart of the Oscars.

Coach did not believe that Smith received standing ovations for winning the Best Actor award shortly after his slap. “I thought, why is he there to get the award?” He added that a citizen could not walk around after such an incident with a hypothetical excuse such as “Oh, no. “I took the rest of my child’s football match.”

Yang added that “one part was that he was Will Smith. “Anyone else would have been expelled.”

Finally, Maher reported that he had spoken to an African-American friend at the Vanity Fair party and another guest put up a script in which Rock responded to the slap in the face. “He could not,” said Macher’s friend. “He had the whole fight on his shoulders.”

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