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Fashion for many is a way to express yourself, have fun, and have some fun on the run.

And Coachella 2022 seems like the perfect place for festival goers to step up their fashion game once again.

After three years of limited travel and canceled shows, the California-based music festival will draw some 250,000 attendees over the next week or so, bringing with it a huge inspirational boost to the fashion industry.

And over the weekend, celebrities have gone full swing, kicking off the Coachella fashion parade.

However, there has been a slight change in the way people dress today, away from the classic Bohemian style, focusing more on individual styles. So, does the pandemic have anything to do with this?

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For many, they’ve gone one of two ways in their post-pandemic fashion — 100 percent comfort and convenience or a complete dopamine dip. And frankly, they both sound amazing.

As for what dopamine dressings are, it’s all about wearing something bright, colorful, or patterned to help lift your mood or express yourself. For some, dressing up and putting on a fun little bit of makeup every day during lockdown is a way of coping and bringing structure to the day. And many have carried this well into post-pandemic life too, wearing what makes them feel happy and unique rather than sticking to rigid fashion trends.

It makes sense why so many celebs are wearing their Coachella outfits this year. We’ve seen lots of rainbow sequins, neon, sparkles – and some patterned sweatpants!

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So without further ado, here are some of the best celebrity looks so far at Coachella 2022:

Paris Hilton.

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