Bella Thorne closed by Bill Maher in the middle of an interview

“What upsets you?” Bill Maher had a very unexpected reaction to actress Bella Thorne’s confession of mental health in the middle of an interview.

On the April 10 episode of Bill Maher’s podcast Club Random with Bill Maher, the comedian was joined by guest Bella Thorne, and it was clear from the start that this was going to be a clash of generations (and some ideological) differences. .

In the first two minutes of the show, the 24-year-old Gen Z host actress rewarded 66-year-old Boomer host Maher with marijuana because she had been told Maher was also a smoker.

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“That rumor about me smoking?” Maher commented dryly as he examined the shiny box containing Thorne’s own brand of marijuana, “Forbidden Flower.”

When the host asked why it was banned, Thorne explained his inspiration as the negative stigma surrounding weed, something he tries to fight back, because the substance helped him so much through medical problems and anxiety.

That’s all it takes to make Maher leave.

“What is it with you children and anxiety? What is causing all that anxiety?”

When Thorne replied, “The world,” Maher oh generously explained anxiety and who can and can’t afford to actually have it, he says, a referee who knows everyone’s feelings.

“I find this a dishonest argument because your generation doesn’t know what’s going on in the world,” he grumbled.

“So how can you be so worried about what’s going on in the world? I know what is happening in the world, I must have anxiety. I followed him. You kids don’t follow it. You don’t know what’s going on in the world. What upsets you?”

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Again, this happens within the first three minutes of the podcast. Pretty hot start.

In response to “Kids of the day!” Maher! college, the former Disney actress didn’t really have much of an argument or defense, but ended up still replying, “We saw it, we heard it, and we’re vocal about it,” while the host alternated between giggling and flustered shuffling. marijuana box.

From there, Maher quickly turned to praising Thorne’s “drug box” before sliding in one more punch at Thorne’s anxiety and age group, saying that “This is probably where the anxiety comes from: hate.”

But when Thorne agrees on points about destructiveness and hate suppression before continuing, “in the world,” Maher quickly shuts him down.

“No, also petty on social media. Your generations are like fucking harpies to each other. I don’t know how you deal with it. Yes, I will also feel anxious.”

This story originally appeared on Breakers and is republished here with permission

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