Beauty And The Geek couple Michael and Tara break their silence on TV edit



But the reality is very different, Tara explains: “On our first date, it was very clear that there would be no kissing for us. We know we’re not there yet.

“The first date will be more about getting to know you… but there must be a lot of romantic tension between us and a lot of stares into each other’s eyes.”

He also addressed an editing glitch at the end of the season, when they were shown their first kiss on their second date – although the promo showed them locking lips in a previous challenge.

“But by the time the knight challenge rolled around… we were ready for that moment,” he says of their real first kiss during the medieval challenge.



Tara also denied rumors that a crowd chanting for them to kiss at the challenge was added in post-production, confirming it actually happened.

While she and Michael were clear that the love story we saw on TV had been edited out, they insisted that the romantic moment was completely genuine.

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“They don’t show a non-existent moment,” Tara said.

“But there is more than what can be shown in the timeframe they have. It’s a simplified version.”



Tara also surprised us all by revealing that Michael was her first boyfriend, even though the geek has a bit more relationship experience under her belt.

Even though he had been single for almost two years before meeting Tara in BATGpreviously he had been in a relationship for four years and had been with another girlfriend before.

“I’ve been in relationships before, I’ve learned everything you need to know about being gentle and learning how to make long-term relationships work,” she adds.

“When I found out that Tara was never in a proper long term relationship, I was like, ‘I’m so honored to be your first and I promise I’ll make it all worth your time’.”

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