Beast star Vijay: “I firmly believe in God, I go to church, temple, darga”

Tamil superstar Vijay, who is waiting for his release the latest Beast movie this week, he gave a rare TV interview on Sunday. The interview was broadcast on Sun TV, whose film production banner Sun Picture funded the film. The interview was conducted by Beast director Nelson Dilipkumar. The interview generated a lot of publicity given this Vijay had been away from media interactions for over a decade now.

“Why do not you give interviews to the media. Is your schedule full? ” Nelson asked. “No, not like that. I have free time for interviews but things did not go well. I think about 10 years ago, I gave an interview. And I felt that my words were misinterpreted in that interview. I was not happy. Even my family members asked me why I had spoken so arrogantly. Then I had to call the person concerned and explain that I did not mean it that way. And I can not continue to do it all right all the time. “So I keep away from interviews,” Vijay explained.

Vijay is one of the three Tamil movie superstars, with the exception of Rajinikanth and Ajith Kumar, who rarely promotes his films. These stars have developed one strong fan base around the world that people appear in theaters without much persuasion. There is a lot of anticipation for the audio release function of his upcoming films, one of the rare events in which he participates. To the great disappointment of the fans, Sun Pictures did not organize the music presentation event for Beast. The reason for the decision is unclear. Neither Nelson nor Vijay discussed the issue during the interview.

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Vijay’s TV interview was arranged to mitigate this blow for fans. However, in contrast to the audio release events, where Vijay usually lets his hair down and surprises the fans with improvised dance moves, punches, jokes and short myths, the superstar seemed more restrained than usual. As Nelson spoke more, Vijay responded to the former’s praise, disguised as questions, with humility and the trademark of Stoicism.

“Even my family continues to complain that they can not understand whether I like something or not based on my expressions. I also get angry at times but I do not react. I believe that most of our problems come from decisions we make out of anger or hatred. “(My policy is) take it easy, make it easy,” Vijay said. It is worth noting that during the promotion of Villu (2009), in a rare public outburst, Vijay had lost his temper during a press conference leaving everyone speechless.

In his honor, Nelson had asked a number of important questions about various aspects of Vijay’s life, including his relationship with his father, director SA Chandrasekhar. “The only difference between God and the father is that we can not see God, but we can see our father,” said Vijay, stressing that he is still a devoted son, even though their relationship had recently been badly damaged. .

Vijay also discussed his religious beliefs when Nelson recalled attending church during filming in Georgia. “I am a firm believer. I go to church and I went to temples and to Ameen Peer Dargah during the filming of Thuppakki. I have felt a divine feeling in all places. My mother is Hindu and my father is Christian. They both fell in love and got married. I grew up in a household that never limited me in where I should go or where I should not go. “I teach the same to my children,” he said.
Vijay has revealed that he longs to see his son Jason Sanjay follow in his footsteps. However, he also noted that he would not force his son to join the film industry if he did not want to. “Director Alphonse Puthren once asked to meet with me. I also made an appointment thinking he was going to tell me a story. But he had come to tell the story to Sanjay. He was a cute, boy-like movie next door. I secretly wanted Sanjay to say yes to the movie. “But he said he wanted it for two years and I did not force it,” he recalls.

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Nelson also asked about Vijay’s plans to become involved in active politics. Although Vijay has not hidden his political ambitions, he has not yet set a timetable for his political debut. Apparently he borrowed the answer of the superstar Rajinikanth two decades ago to the question “will / will you do it” and replaced God with fans. Rajinikanth always claimed that he would join politics, “if God wills”. And Vijay said, “Today my fans want me to be Thalapathy (the movie star). “If they want me to be Thalaivan (leader) tomorrow, so be it.”

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