Baby Name Help: Parents-to-be pay up to $13,000 to a professional ‘baby name’

pressure from name baby not something that all parents enjoy – so imagine you could outsource the work?

Taylor A Humphrey, from the US, has turned her passion for naming babies into a career – building a business as a professional baby name giver that charges over $2000 to help parents find the perfect name for their child.

“Over the last few years I have worked with hundreds of parents to ‘find’ their baby names!” Humphrey explained to him Instagram page which promotes its unique services.

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Baby name expert Taylor Humphrey.
Professional Baby Names shares free tips and tricks for parents-to-bes on her Instagram page. (Instagram)

Since launching his business in 2015, baby naming has built a reputation for helping parents-to-be find their baby’s special name, referring to his work as a ‘purpose in life’.

Humphrey’s baby naming services range from one-on-one telephone consultations, online questionnaires that produce bespoke surnames and even genealogy investigations – in-depth research on old surnames.

In an interview with New Yorkers she revealed the cost of her service could be as high as $13,000 depending on how much help the couple seek.

He currently has a waiting list for a one-on-one consultation due to high demand.

Beyond its regular offerings, baby names also work with partners to get things done baby name dispute or any differences of opinion they may have. He also provides deeper insight into the names couples are considering and uses Reiki practices to help guide parents to potential names.

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“Most people never assume that names carry certain frequencies that we use to transmit and project our voices out into the world,” he says online. “So the names we choose for our children not only reflect our own inner values, but also create the world we envision for them as they grow up.”

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Over the past seven years Humphrey has built a following on Instagram and TikTok by revealing some of his baby name secrets as well as offering freebies. baby name advice to followers asking for help.

His biggest demand was for baby names that matched siblings’ names. “My best tip for creating a great sibset is to make it sound catchy! How does it sound when you say all your kids names out loud?” he wrote on Instagram.

He recently suggested those 24 names Kylie Jenner may consider for him an unnamed two-month-old son, based on his older sister Stormi. The list includes ‘The Great’, ‘Cortez’ and ‘Poets’.

Humphrey admits that many people are skeptical about what he does for a living and question whether it’s a real job but he doesn’t mind. “I don’t really choose my clients’ baby names… What I offer is guidance, insight, conflict resolution, support, inspiration and advice!”

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