Australian model Jess Hart reveals second child’s unique name

Australian model Jess Hart has revealed her son’s name, and it is as unique as the name of his first child.

Hart and former NASCAR driver James Kirkham, who welcomed their son in February, have finally announced that he is Glorious.

“Here he is. . . Our main man, Glorious! He came into our lives at 2.2.22 and has completed our family. He is the happiest, coldest baby and his big sister adores him #GloriousHartKirkham,” he wrote on Instagram.

This is the first time Hart has shared a photo of his son, apart from a snap of his feet shortly after he was born, and shows him lying on a towel as his older sister, Baby-Rae, born in December 2020, bends down. to kiss him.

Jess Hart shared a photo of her son, Glorious.
Camera IconJess Hart shared a photo of her son, Glorious. Credit: Instagram

Her name is sure to get mixed reactions as well as naming their first child, Baby-Rae, after Jennifer Gray’s character in Dirty Dancing.

“My legal name is Jessica-Rae after my mom Rae and I wanted Baby to have something to do with me in her name because, of course, she uses Kirkham as a last name,” Hart previously told People.

“I never liked double last names, so we also hyphenated Baby Rae. His legal name is Baby-Rae Kirkham, but we just call him Baby.”

In February, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel apparently revealed Glorious’s gender by including a blue heart emoji.

“And that’s it, this big girl is a big sister .. ,” he wrote in the caption of the post.

Hart has publicly revealed that she is expecting Glorious in June, just months after giving birth to Baby.

“I just found out I’m pregnant again, which is exciting,” Hart said in a video.

“Now, after the initial shock of having two babies under 2 years old — Baby will be 14 months old when baby number 2 arrives. James and I are really excited right now, but it’s a big thing.

“The biggest thing for me right now is that I’m getting pregnant and breastfeeding soon, so making sure I get the best and most nutritious food possible is my No. 1 me at the moment.

“And for those of you who don’t know, I’m mostly vegan, so that’s something I’m going to start looking into and really making sure I’m doing the right thing, taking the right vitamins and supplements.”

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