Australian influencers wear little outfits from Early Boutique at the Coachella music festival

An Australian reality star and influencer has made a scene in the California desert wearing a miniskirt that flaunts her panties.

It is an annual music festival which is famous for its stunning outfits like major artists.

This weekend, Coachella opened its gates for the first time since before the pandemic, with big stars including Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and The Weeknd performing during the three-day event.

And despite the 12,000km journey, there are countless Australian influencers among California’s 250,000 crowd, many of whom are there to make their mark in style betting.

The event, which hasn’t been held since April 2019, has become as synonymous with fashion as it is with music – with many hiring expensive stylists to ensure they have Instagram-worthy outfits every day of the event.

Australian e-tailer Beginning Boutique flew in a group of influencers to wear its latest festival collection, including ex love island Star Amelia Marni.

The reality alum-turned-model and influencer opted for an array of vibrant outfits over the weekend – including a black miniskirt and crop combo.

He wore a bold outfit with G-strings pulled high on his hips and a black beaded cowboy hat and knee-high boots.

The night before, Amelia wore denim shorts with a petite crop top showing off her “underboob”. All her clothes are from Beginning Boutique.

Sisters Ashley and Olivia Mescia also went on the same influencer journey, wearing a combined outfit on day one. The pair each wore one half of a see-through lace set and again in a multi-colored set, taking the term “twin” to another level.

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Sydney dancer Lola Thompson wore a sheer black bra and skirt that had a slit to the waist – while TikTok sensation Evie Maree opted for a white bra and mesh skirt. She was hosted as part of the Revolve Festival, a side party that has become as famous as Coachella itself.

“real bikini body” influencer Ariella Nyssa was also present, wearing the same black Early Boutique combo as Lola Thompson, teaming hers with a white cowboy hat and sunglasses.

Meanwhile, mega celebrities were also present at the event, including supermodel Kendall Jenner who posed topless while enjoying the festivities.

Sister Kylie was also spotted walking with Hailey Bieber, with fans noting the pair dressed very casually for the event, prompting some to speculate that next year’s fashion is likely to get back on track.

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