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No more teasing. The official Stranger Things 4 The trailer was released on April 12 and the two-year wait was worth it. In three minutes and 16 seconds, our new video sinks back into Hawkins and their lives Stranger Things group of kids with Finn Wolfhard wearing a new indie-boy mullet. As a monstrous voice says “You broke everything”, combined with menacing clock images, we see Max (Sandy Sink) in the cemetery looking at the tombstone of Billy Hargrove (Dakre Montgomery). The trailer is full of all sorts of CGI goodness, but the strongest images can still be one of the cast members he puts Guitar hero in utter disgrace on the roof of a dilapidated building. Stranger Things 4 returns on May 27 with the second volume after July 1. Watch the four teasers below.

Alas, the final Stranger Things The teaser is here, and it looks like the anticipation of Spring Break as we wait for the debut of volume 1 on May 27 and volume 2 on July 1. The teaser shows Eleven’s new life in California as she looks forward to seeing Mike during her Spring Break. Eleven writes a letter to Mike informing him that she is slowly adjusting to her life in California with Will, Jonathan and Joyce Byers. The teaser premiered during it Stranger Things daily web event hosted by Netflix. The event also revealed the episode titles for the nine-episode season:

The Hellfire Club

The curse of Vekna

The monster and the superhero

Dear Billy

The Nina Project

The dive

The Massacre At Hawkins Lab


The Piggyback

The third teaser trailer for its long-awaited fourth season Stranger Things introduces the audience to a creepy old house called “Creel House”, which seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Gavin Creel. What it has is a dark past. The trailer, which premiered during Netflix “Tudum” fan event on Saturday, begins with a family in the 1950s moving in, only to observe some strange events. Cut to the ’80s, when the Hawkins gang invades in search of evidence. Unfortunately, they do not reveal a premiere date. We just know it’s sometime in 2022. Tick κ tack…

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It’s the return of the shaved Eleven head, just in time to match the Hopper. In the new teaser trailer for Stranger Things 4, we take a look back at the workshop where Eleven was created, where a group of children play under the menacing eye of their “pope”, Dr. Martin Brenner. Brenner allegedly died from Demogorgon the first season, but in the second season, a lab worker tells Eleven he’s still out there. “Eleven, do you hear?” he yells at her in the teaser. It seems that the new season will explore the history of its supernatural origins or maybe it will include other psychomotor children.

Stranger Things 4 now reaches 2022, according to a sneak peek at Netflix. You can watch the original teaser from February 2020 below, where we catch the unexpectedly dead Russian jailed Leader Jim Hopper. Based on the captions “001/004” and “002/004”, we can expect at least two more teasers before Stranger Things finally returns. Work on the series resumed in September, after production ceased in January 2020. Jamie Campbell Bower (Twilight: New Moon), Edward Franco (Booksmart), Joseph Quinn (Game of Thrones), and Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) all join the cast this season as Hawkins residents with varying degrees of creep. There is no release date yet, just spooky, spooky vibes.

“Look down, look down, do not look them in the eye”, Hopper and his inmates should to sing in the teaser for Stranger Things season four. Despite the settings and technological advances (railways over ships), the teaser plays like its beginning Wretched, and Hopper is our Jean Valjean. Miraculously alive after we mourned him collectively in last season’s finale, Hopper is living his days as a slave to the law in Russia, after, you know, he cut a bunch of people with a machine gun. That means more dad David Harbor and more Miami Vice with El, but much less hair. Hopper is bald and that is something we should all come to terms with. Maybe that’s why Netflix revealed Hopper’s return to a teaser trailer – he knew we would need time to deal with the loss. And time is plentiful. Stranger Things 4 is no longer expected until 2022.

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