All Everywhere All at once and The Bubble

This weekend’s new movies include Everything Everywhere All At Once, You Won’t Be Alone and The Bubble

All Everywhere Simultaneously

(Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert)

Imagine sitting in DJ Snake’s Turn Down For What music video for two and a half hours. Sounds good, boy, I have a movie for you. Everything Everywhere All At Once has all the spastic energy, phallocentric humor and visual intelligence that Daniels brought to that Lil ‘Jon’s video about bodies that rotate with seismic force, but with an added key element: Michelle Yeoh.

At its best, the film is a letter of love to the Crouched Tiger, the legacy and multifaceted talents of the Hidden Dragon actor, which unfold in a multi-universe narrative that revolves around the head. And the multi-universe drama here has a nice way of resonating with this feeling that they are pulling you in all sorts of directions, or rather, you just exist. Yeoh’s Evelyn is overwhelmed by running a family laundry, explaining her delinquent tax returns to an IRS agent (Jamie Lee Curtis), being a tiger mom to her uncomfortable queer daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu) and more.

But then Waymond’s husband (Ke Huy Quan, or Short Round from Temple Of Doom) becomes an overarching version of himself, explaining that existence depends on her unique ability to channel the various versions. of herself to fight a wretched force ready. to consume everything, everywhere. Introduce Evelyn, the martial arts expert or movie star (nods lovingly to the actor who plays her) or Evelyn, the woman from the universe where people have darker fingers, which is one of the many ideas that will they should have been left on the floor of the cutting room.

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Daniels, unfortunately, are very much in love with any clever but immature muzzle or that had never been done before the idea. There is so much here that is witty, exciting and really hilarious, along with a beautiful and moving mother-daughter journey. But these things tend to be overwhelmed by the exhausting aspects of the film.

A Heavy Scissors and Everything Everywhere All At Once could have realized its potential as a DJ Snake remix of Being John Malkovich and The Matrix. 140 minutes. Some subtitles. Now he plays in theaters. NNNN (Radheyan Simonpillai)

A scene from You Won't Be Alone, which we cover in this weekend's movie reviews
Branko Starcevic / Focus Features

You will not be alone

(Goran Stolevski)

Stolevski’s impressive, stunning, and impressive debut begins as an art horror film, but becomes something completely different. Imagine the Tree of Life but from the marginalized point of view of a witch grabbing the body.

This witch is Nevena (originally played by Sara Klimoska). He lives in isolation after being cursed as a child to live eternity feasting on blood. Nevena can also become the animals or people whose intestines it consumes, and thus ends up integrating itself among unsuspecting villagers to learn what it means to be human. The premise is pretty basic, but You Won’t Be Alone puts you in your emotions. It is a brutal and beautiful story of adulthood to discover the cruelty, toxic masculinity and mysterious ways in which human connection and affection hold us. 108 minutes. Subtitles. Now he plays in theaters. NNNNN (Radheyan Simonpillai)

A scene from The Bubble
Laura Radford / Netflix

The Bubble

(Judd Apatow)

This comedy about making a movie during the pandemic is not the only horrible thing that writer and director Judd Apatow posted on the internet this week. Check out his eager and exaggerated tweets about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. Apatow was convinced that Smith could have killed both the comedian and the comedian. These tweets have since been deleted.

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It is unlikely that The Bubble will have the same fate. Although it can be ignored.

In it, Karen Gillan, Leslie Mann, Pedro Pascal, Keegan-Michael Key and others play the various actors and directors who are quarantined on a British estate to shoot a sequel franchise with CGI. Appathoui apparently felt that the idea of ​​narcissistic and harmful celebrities being forced into a Big Brother situation in order to continue earning millions during a global health crisis was inherently funny. His film does not add much of a joke. Instead, he simply relies on his self-satisfied hypothesis and a cast that is willing to embarrass himself for crazy laughs for more than two deadly boring hours.

Bubble is sharp enough to recognize that it tells the story of privileged people whose problems do not really concern anyone during the pandemic. But he does not have the self-awareness to acknowledge that he has nothing to say or offer that could not be covered in an SNL sketch. 126 minutes. Now on Netflix Canada. Ν (Radheyan Simonpillai)

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Jared Leto, Adria Ajorna, Matt Smith; directed by Daniel Espinosa

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Avshalom Pollak, Nur Fibak; directed by Nadav Lapid

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