Al Pacino Shrek Phone Case: Where to Buy on Amazon

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Whenever a group of list A stars gather for an intimate event or dinner, photos tend to circulate quickly on the internet. It is always fascinating to see the Hollywood figures we are used to seeing on screen interacting in the real world, without the manicured facade that often accompanies photos and red carpets.

Jason Momoa did not disappoint when he posted a photo on his Instagram over the weekend, documenting himself having dinner with Al Pacino to celebrate the opening of the gallery for painter Julien Schnabel. At first glance, it is a rather unpretentious photo, with a messy table with half-finished glasses of wine and empty dishes. But after further research, the photo reveals a absolutely delicious fact about Pacino: he has a Shrek phone case.

Marie Bardi, the social media producer for “Blank Check”, was the first to show the actor’s phone accessory, which sits in front of him in the photo. “Al’s headphones continue to be iconic,” she wrote, referring to Pacino’s ever-tangled wired headphones, which have often gone viral with paparazzi shots. “But I need a full investigation into what the hell is supposed to be on his iPhone.”

Bardi takes matters into her own hands by posting an enlarged photo of her iPhone 13 which, despite the granular resolution, unequivocally proves that Pacino is actually using a phone case designed with a wonderful Shrek collage.

Twitter users went crazy with Bardy’s revelation, probably because the case seems more appropriate for a high school student than for a legendary actor whose personal aesthetic tends to appeal more to the polite mobsters in his films. But from the response the photo received on the Internet, it is clear that it just made Pacino more related and beloved.

“Pacino with shrek phone case is just legendary”, a Twitter user He wrote.

Fortunately, the exact Pacino dons case is still available on Amazon. And given its impact, you’ll want to catch it fast…

Case for iPhone Shrek

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Case for iPhone Shrek

$ 12.95

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Correction: This article incorrectly identified Al Pacino as the director. He is best known for his work as an actor.

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