Actor Dan Stevens surprises British TV host on The One Show with a cheeky joke about Boris Johnson

Actor Dan Stevens gasped and fell silent as he appeared on a British news program after cracking a joke about the British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson.

Stevens, 39, speaks on the BBC One Show to promote the new series gaslit, which followed the 1970s Watergate scandal surrounding then US President Richard Nixon. (Watch above.)

The star began to describe the context surrounding Nixon’s embarrassing political fiasco – before making a shocking joke comparing the former President to Johnson.

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Dan Stevens The One Show
Dan Stevens cracks political jokes on the BBC. (BBC)

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“What you get is a villain for a leader who is wrapped up in a chaotic war, embroiled in a stupid scandal, surrounded by ambitious idiots, and absolutely must step down,” Stevens said.

After a long pause, he added: “No I’m sorry. That’s the intro for Boris Johnson, I just said the intro for Boris Johnson, I’m sorry.”

Stevens’ satire did not provoke the desired reaction, leaving hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas speechless.

Panting could also be heard behind the camera after the actor poked fun at the British politician.

Dan Stevens BBC interview
The hosts were speechless after Stevens jokes. (BBC)

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After a few moments of silence, Stevens went on to talk briefly about the series, which also stars Julia Roberts.

Viewers were divided in their reaction to Stevens’ jokes, with some defending his right to an opinion, while others argued that the BBC should be politically neutral.

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“Doubts Dan will be invited back on the BBC – even though he says what the majority of the nation thinks,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Dan Stevens
Stevens starred alongside Julia Roberts in the series. (Getty)

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“Funny and true. But what’s surprising is how rebellious and outrageous this is,” added another.

Stevens has yet to comment on his broadcast statement, which has since gone viral online.

However, he has retweeted a clip of the moment which has the caption: “Dan Stevens killed Boris Johnson live on The One Show.”

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