A Sinister Six movie? How Morbius shapes the future of Sony’s Spider-Man universe

Warning: this article contains large spoilers for Morbius! If you have not already done so, be sure to check it out IGN’s review of the new film.

Morbius is a Marvel movie, so it goes without saying that the movie gives some clues about the future of the franchise. Not only is it possible to see Jared Leto’s vampire antihero again, but he may have some friends next time.

The scenes in the middle and after the concerts at Morbius certainly seem to indicate that Sony is building towards a complete Sinister Six team. But how exactly would this work in a common universe that may not have its own Spider-Man? And how does Tom’s Spidey’s future play at MCU? Here’s what we know and why Morbius raises more questions than it answers about the future of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Teasing Sinister Six

It’s no secret that a Sinister Six movie has been on Sony’s agenda for some time. The two Amazing Spider-Man movies were clearly built on this alliance of evil. Sony went so far as to announce a two-part spinoff called The Amazing Spider-Man: Sinister Six, with the first film originally scheduled for release in 2016. But obviously, a lot has changed since Sony and Marvel closed their deal. to bring Spider-Man to MCU.

Although these original designs remained on the shelf, the Sinister Six still seems to be high on Sony’s list of priorities. Spider-Man: No Way Home is about to get there including five existing villains. In fact, some NWH concept art suggests that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio was originally intended to return and give the film even six bad guys. Just wonder if Sony put kibosh in this design, not wanting Marvel to be first on the Sinister Six finish line.

Whatever was going on behind the scenes (and we’ll dig more into that shortly), Michael Keaton’s last-minute Vulture appearance seems to be the first step in creating a Sinister Six in live action. Universe-displaced Adrian Toomes has already recruited Dr. Michael Morbius and we will almost certainly see one or both characters appear in Kraven the Hunter in 2023 who want to add the character of Aaron Taylor-Johnson to their lineup. It may take a few more sequels and spinoffs, but they will eventually reach six members.

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However, one question that Sony will have to answer at some point is why Morbius would agree to be part of this small race. Vulture and Kraven are both longtime members of the Sinister Six in comics, dating back to the band’s very first incarnation. But Morbius is generally portrayed as an ally of Spider-Man. Even in the film, Leto’s character is painted in a relatively heroic light until his meeting with Toomes.

Maybe Morbius will face some pressure from his peers super-bad, or maybe Thoms is not ironic when he talks about “some good”. Let’s not forget that he thought of not revealing Spidey’s secret identity at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, so his motives may be more complex than a mere desire for revenge.

The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

One of the interesting things about the Spider-Man movie franchise is that, despite the many reboots and the introduction of three versions of Peter Parker from three different universes, there has been very little repetition of the bad guys. We have seen two versions of Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn and Venom so far, but to date there is only one actor who has played key characters such as Doctor Octopus, Electro, Lizard, Sandman and Vulture. The fact that Morbius wants to loop into Keaton’s Vulture instead of presenting his own version of this evil suggests that this will continue to be the approach in the future.

Morbius Trailer: 58 Images from the movie Jared Leto Marvel

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Director Daniel Espinosa downplayed the significance of these omissions, while clarifying that he is not free to reveal which universe Morbius is in.

“If I go into the details, there are people at Sony who will shoot me because then I will force them to commit to something,” Espinosa told IGN. “I have my thoughts and opinions and they are in the movie. And that’s why I push.”

Espinosa’s comments could be interpreted as a sign that even Sony has not clarified exactly how Venom, Morbius and Kraven the Hunter relate to the rest of the Spider-Man series. Maybe these spinoffs are in their own world, without Spider-Man. Perhaps it is silently part of the Amazing Spider-Man universe, creating Andrew Garfield’s return to the eventual Sinister Six team. Or maybe a showdown with Holland’s Spidey is the end of the game here.

Given the somewhat turbulent history between Sony and Marvel, both studios can hedge their bets for now. After all, it wasn’t long before it looked like Holland’s Spider-Man was coming out of the MCU quickly. No Way Home could very easily be a very different movie without MCU links. Even now, Holland has not renewed his contract with Marvel, so there is no guarantee of a Spider-Man 4 at MCU. It also remains to be seen how much Morbius’s box office performance could affect Sony’s long-term franchise plans. Venom is a proven commodity for the studio right now, but what about Spider-Man’s less iconic characters?

Maybe we finally get the Sinister Six movie that Sony promised all these years ago. But as to what exactly this movie will be and how it all relates to the MCU, we’re not sure anyone can say for sure right now.

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