A look at the screenplay for The Canceled Deus Ex (since 2014)

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You knew that has been Ten years after a Deus Ex the movie was announced? What once seemed like a natural step, a big screen adaptation of a triumphantly updated video game franchise, turned out to be nothing like that. the series crashed due to poor management of publishers and the film itself barely made it to the “early stage of a screenplay” stage.

All this time that passes means that it becomes safer day by day for the people involved in the film to talk about it, leading us to this USA Today history interviews Scott Kinney, development executive at Prime Universe Productions. Kinney participated in Deus Ex project at an early stage, where “he was initially responsible for writing the treatments for the studio staff to participate in”.

Kinney quickly reconciled with Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, whom they had just made Awfuland who would later write (with Derrickson direct) Marvel’s screenplay Dr. Strange. ONE 2014 Deus Ex The script written by the couple has been saved and excerpts have been posted on USA Today track, some of which mean minimal stop on their own, others come to life on the page when you connect our knowledge of the show’s appearance and sound.

Although I could have shared some of the most interesting / promising ones, I will point it out instead, because if I had to moan out loud, so do you:

And a calm we have not seen floods Jensen, the kind that comes with this ultimately redemptive realization that everything you have believed in yourself is somehow wrong, and now you understand the truth.


(low, to self)

… Get up, Jensen.


(mini weapon lining)

It was!?


… I’m not like you, Barrett.


You are af ******* Aug!


Yes I am. But-


But what?

And Jensen MOVES, running right in the Barrett!

Barrett pulls the trigger when Jensen JUMPES, a blade extends from his right hand and CUTS Barrett’s hand is cleared. Barrett growls as his hand and gun fall. He shakes Jensen with the other. Jensen rolls, grabs the arm / mini-gat, lines it-


I never asked for that.

–And Jensen FIRES!

Rounds blow in Barrett’s head. He falls with a THUD.

I’m sure anyone writing a Deus Ex The script would conventionally have to include this line, so let’s not be too harsh. After all, these guys have made some great movies with each other over the years. However, one thing that stood out to me, apart from the script excerpts, was the news about the processes involved in ensuring that the adaptation does not stray too far from the spirit of the games.

“Every treat we ever wrote to present to studio executives was sent to game developers for information,” says Kinney. “The same with the script, we received their notes in each version of the script. Everyone seemed happy with the end result. All. And that is his tragedy. “

This “tragedy” is the ultimate loss of the project, which Kinney is subjecting to a change of priorities from CBS Films.

I do not think I really understood the reasoning of the studio at that time. They announced that Deus Ex was not the kind of movie they wanted to make or did not feel comfortable making, that their overall strategy was shifting from action movies like Dwayne Johnson’s Faster, which they had previously funded, to more movies like The Duff . Of course, Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill left the work for Doctor Strange and he just died.

Of it’s easy to be rude in video game customizationsespecially given the disgraceful course of Hollywood with them, but I honestly feel a little disappointed that it never stood on the ground given the staff involved and how nice the Eidos world would look on the big screen.

You can read more excerpts from the script at USA Today.

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