A big surprise that no one saw at all

“How do you think this will go?” Andy asked. “Old service challenge?”

“Thanks for explaining what happened,” another juror replied.

That’s right, it’s time for MasterChef’s sweatiest event ever: the service challenge. A restaurant had been set up in the kitchen, causing a lot of screaming and shouting as the contestants overreacted.

The challenge requires Fans and Faves to face each other, making three dishes, with groups of four on each team distributing each dish. There are ingredients for every dish: for the main course they have to use Jerusalem artichoke, which is a challenging ingredient because no one is allowed to know what it is; for the main they have to use eggplant, which is known as “meat for those who hate food”; and for dessert they have to use raspberry, which is a bit rough.

“I love Jerusalem artichoke because it’s so versatile,” said Harry, who was just making up old stuff. After his victory yesterday when he won an immunity pin for burning a small pile of trash, Harry was seen as the alpha on the Fans team.

Oh hi favorite!

Oh hi favorite! Photo: Provided

We stopped for a dramatic close-up of a few jars of tomato paste, just to make it clear just how high the stakes are.

Sashi has taken over, commanding his minions about and exerting the strong psychological grip that has become his trademark. As teams draw their dishes to lighten the mood, the judges meet to exchange opinions. Andy believes this should be a walk in the park for the favourites, but he may have forgotten that fans have TikToker on their side.

Jock and Andy asked Harry what he was playing. Harry explained that he mixed artichokes with artichokes and seasoned them with artichokes. Unfortunately there’s nothing to suggest that the Jerusalem artichoke is a sunflower species and not actually an artichoke of any kind, which means MasterChef is responsible for spreading some pretty horrific misinformation.

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Jock and Andy move to fave to ask Mindy what she did with her Jerusalem artichoke. Mindy’s answer: as little as possible. It seemed prudent, though Minoli was concerned the judges were concerned that there weren’t enough artichokes – or rather, sunflowers – on the plate. Will a favorite dish match Harry’s ability to burn something?

A fan named Dulan explained that for the main course they made a dish consisting of eggplant, lamb and ‘chunks’. She was about to smoke eggplant, and who could blame her for the stress she was going through. It’s time for the house montage, where we see how Dulan uses cooking to relax to the point where she’s a little out of focus. Returning from his hazy watercolor memories, we return to MasterChef, where Jock and Andy laugh at Dulan’s stupid eggplant naivety.

Sashi, based on her brutal totalitarian restaurant management theory, rules everyone around her, even Julie Goodwin, The First of Her Name, Duchess of Dishes. He reflects on his food journey and how time in the cruel food industry has taught him that only by ruthless tyranny can taste be achieved.

On the fan dessert team, Melanie fired the first major salvo of the series, bringing out some powerful background gear. Describing his battle with celiac disease, he threw the challenge at the favourites: beat THAT. Jock asks Melanie if she’s the dessert team’s head chef. Melanie explains that there really isn’t a head chef. Jock scoffs at his stupidity: he has a lot to learn about bullying restaurant staff.

A bomb is now dropped with the news that one of his fans is Scottish! Nobody saw this coming. It took a while to process. His name was Ali and he was forced to take control when it became clear that Dulan’s grip on the eggplant had loosened. Dulan had taken her eggplants from the grill and put them back on the grill for hours, but no matter what she did, they were still eggplants, and the panic was starting to set in. Luckily Ali is the kind of woman in charge, and she saves the day by walking slowly along the beach with her kids.

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On top of the favorite dessert team, John takes charge and announces they are making white chocolate mousse, causing everyone to scream in post-traumatic fright. “You guys pick raspberries,” said Jock. “May you forever be damned by it.” He walked away disgusted.

The jurors come together to discuss the terrible mess everyone made in their stint. Melissa does some really heroic commentary, somehow finding a way to make the fact that Ali is a graphic designer sound like a useful asset in cooking.

Visitors began to arrive, eager to eat for free. Favorite tasting their dishes. Minoli said he couldn’t taste the artichokes, which may be because it’s actually Jerusalem artichokes which are not artichoke types. Others told him they could sample the artichokes and that he only appeared on the show last year and he had to go back to his box. Minoli goes to HR to report that Mindy, Christina, and Aldo are bullying her. He goes to the kitchen to plan his revenge: he will bring out the sweet taste of Jerusalem artichoke with something called “mirren”. THAT will show them!

Meanwhile on the fans’ side, Harry’s lust for power only grows and his subjects cower before him.

This is service time. The judges, the first to pause to emphasize how HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE the fans MAY win, so if that happens you must be VERY SHOCKED, sit together at the judges table where they will judge the dishes and give the judges attendance. visitors are completely irrelevant.

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First they tried the Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) which the fans grind. Smooth and not too heavy, like 80 percent of the dishes served at this event. They then tried their favorite dish: Jerusalem (not really one of a kind) artichoke chips served over real food. That’s rubbish and Minoli is justified by history.

Oh Lord! The fans have won the first round! What the jury told us was absolutely impossible! Who can predict?

Time for the main course. Before serving, Jock visits the kitchen to mimic Sashi’s fists, which scares everyone away, while Andy goes to the fans’ side to make sarcastic comments.

Jury tasting fave curries etc. It’s fantastic, according to Melissa, but can we believe it? Apparently the rice is earthy and this is definitely a good thing. They then tasted the fan lamb chops with eggplant on top. Jock found it conceptually disappointing and felt that the studio was interfering with the post-production process.

It all boils down to dessert: a favorite pink bubble – which John explains with a very confusing story about Nicki Minaj – versus the fans’ wacky cake. The latter is immature – a sin that God cannot forgive. Melissa believes that as a concept it’s great, and questions whether the fact that sucking as food really matters. The pink bubble doesn’t have enough raspberries in it, and while this is objectively positive, the judges seem to find it annoying.

The time has come to judge these poor people. The fans, obviously, won the main course. The favourite, obviously, wins the main. And in a BIG SURPRISE THAT MAY NEVER COME, the fans won the dessert, resulting in an intervention order forbidding John to go again within fifty yards of the white chocolate. Also, the winning team from each course will compete tomorrow in an immunity-determining challenge, where bitter hatred will be revealed like a wound.

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