18 Movie Finishes People were exterminated

He can confirm – his last 10 minutes Annihilation they are disturbing, scary and impossible to get away with.

Recently, Reddit user Krmsyn asked people which movie they think has the best last 10 minutes. The answers immediately sent me under a black hole from end-of-movie scenes that I had either seen before and forgotten how legitimately unbelievable they were, or that I had never watched, but I was very curious. Here are some of the best – prepare to feel a mixture of emotions in these satisfying, sad, dark, shocking, open to interpretation endings …

WARNING: Below you will find spoilers for a series of movies, the newest of which is in 2019.



Paramount Pictures

“I saw this in the movies and I had a reasonable flow of blood that felt like a battle or flight response. The strange music and the creepy disgust of the alien was very scary. I watch a lot of horror movies and I have never seen such an answer.”



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Focus features

“It holds up so well. The ending of ‘fear of love but leaping anyway’ is so perfect. The interpretations are perfect, the cast is out of this world and it’s beautiful to see it.

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Uncut gems


“Only once did I hear panting and then absolute silence in public.”


The scene is not available on the internet, so here is a quick photo analysis of the final scene of the movie (CONTAINS HUGE SPOILERS). Note: Uncut gems broadcast on Netflix.


The good the bad and the bad

Connected European Productions

“Everything about the standoff scene, from the movies, to the music and the intensity, is perfect.”


“Sure, there’s a lot of buildup, a lot of looks and a few minutes of intensity, but there’s not a long, protracted action scene. film, would be anti-climatic.

But in a way it not only works, but it is a much more powerful “final boss” than the vast majority of movies, even outside of the western genre. “I honestly can’t even explain why it works – it just works.”




New Line Cinema

“Okay, it may be more than 20 minutes, but that end still makes me laugh.”

Semi-Chinese Jesus

“I like Brad Pitt, but I loved him in this scene. He’s an amazing performance. His voice goes through all these different states of emotion. Disbelief, pain, anger – after a complete collapse.”




Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

“Absolutely wonderful. I’ve seen it 10 times and I still capture new details every time.”




Sony Pictures is released

“This movie was a long way from its time. It’s one of those rare science fiction diamonds that does not need special effects or action scenes to be great. It ‘s just a really amazing and exciting screenplay, along with a dedicated cast dedicated to roles “.



The usual suspects

Gramercy pictures

“It made me think for hours after it ended. I can watch it over and over again, and I keep shivering. The twist played well throughout the film and the lead-up is very smooth.”

—No Thanks Just Looking1



Warner Bros. Pictures

“This movie has stuck with you until the last second.”



The green Mile

Sony Pictures Classics

“I just watched it again for the first time in decades last night, and I cried badly in the end there.”



Requiem for a dream

Artisan Entertainment

“The whole movie is built on this wild, catastrophic climax. It’s what makes the movie so impossible a second time. It’s scary to know that there are people out there right now experiencing this very thing.”




Warner Bros. Pictures

“All the climax from the moment the limbo starts to collapse to the end of the film is absolute perfection. year is also one of Hans Zimmer’s masterpieces. Legit my favorite movie “.



Ex Machina


“I’m not going to spoil it, but to hell with it.”


“I recently watched it for the second time. It’s such a simple film, just four actors, all shot in one house. It’s slow, but the story is still so fascinating and the ending is so obvious but at the same time so unexpected. It leaves things completely open to the public to think about what will happen after its end “.

– do not send your cat


Black Swan

Fox Searchlight Pictures

“Just the interpolation between the shots of what is happening in real life in relation to what she sees in her head. And the crowd applauds even after the credits start. Art, buddy.”



Sony Pictures Classics

“I see his last 10 minutes again Whipping often enough. “Not only is the film great, but I think the last 10 minutes count as one of the best short films I’ve ever seen.”



The Lion King


“The scene where it rains and Simba goes up to Pride Rock still bothers me. It’s also Hans Zimmer’s best work in my opinion.”



And finally, Final destination 5

Warner Bros. Pictures

“The upheaval in the end touches me as many times as I see it. It basically ends where the story began and to see the main characters die like that is very depressing.”


“It went so well, and there are so many subtle hints throughout the movie that you’ll not understand it if you do not know how to turn it. “I’ve seen it. But those last 10 minutes on the plane were just a holy grail as everything clicks. My God, I love these movies so much.”


Which movies impressed you with their last 10 minutes? Tell us in the comments below!

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