10 Years Later & Still a Murderer

The five main characters in the cabin in the forest in The Cabin in the Woods.

Chris Hemsworth, Jesse Williams, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly at The Cabin in the Woods.
Picture: Lionsgate

The hut in the forest it is a miracle. Unique story full of biblical stakes, dense mythology, surprises, excitement, and the most important, minimal to no space for any kind of monitoring, all in one 95-thin package. Released just 10 years ago today, it is almost characterized as a relic of a forgotten era which is one of the many reasons The hut in the forest it still works so well despite the nasty black mark it bears now.

We are talking, of course, about Joss Whedon. Whedon, who produced and co-wrote the film, was once the king of all geeks. The name among the names when it came to blockbuster movies and TV shows. In recent years, however, its creator Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, and its director The Avengers, has fallen from grace due accusations of inappropriate, abusive behavior from actors like Buffy‘s Charisma Carpenter and Justice Leagueby Ray Fisher. As a result, sitting down to watch any of Whedon’s works now (similar to films by Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, Harvey Weinstein and others) is not always easy to forget and embrace fiction. In case that The hut in the forest, it is even darker. The whole movie is a deconstruction of sexist, offensive, outdated trophies, so including them in this movie makes sense, even if it’s not exactly ok. In addition, most importantly, they are erased from the face of the Earth at the end. Basically, there is a lot of luggage for unpacking. Let’s get to that.

It was released on April 13, 2012, The hut in the forest directed by Drew Goddard (Daredevil) and co-authored by Goddard and Whedon. Here is a group of college students (played by Kristen Connolly, Fran Kranz, Anna Hutchison, Jesse Williams and, most interestingly, Chris Hemsworth, who shot it before Thor, although released after) who go on vacation to the site of the same name, to learn that they are the subject of an elaborate ritual with global stakes. Here’s where, if you have not seen The hut in the forest, you may want to click away due to spoiler. But after 10 years, if you have not already broken, now is as good as all.

three of the professionals working downstairs.

Richard Jenkins, Amy Acker and Bradley Whitford The hut in the forest.
Picture: Lionsgate

The hut in the forest it is full of huge secrets and, seeing it again for the first time in a few years, you forget that it is doing everything it can to annoy them from the beginning. First, there is a short credit section that refers to a bunch of god-like hieroglyphics, which look strange at that moment. Here is the seemingly unrelated prologue of two office workers (played by Emmy winners Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford) starting their day. No scene fits the traditional horror expectations, which makes it obvious The hut in the forest has more children dying in the forest. From there, each subsequent scene pulls the curtain so slightly backwards until it is revealed that the five students staying in the cabin are going to be sacrificed by a supernatural being of their choice to appease the ancient c.returns. μιlong time, these gods a tax must be paid in a very specific way, otherwise they will get angry and get up from the Earth to destroy it.

Just reading it aloud is not just one of the most interesting, interesting ideas ever? Superficially, you have something resembling a horror movie script with children being killed by zombies. But beneath this is all this other group of very normal people whose job it is to kill strangers to save the world. Usually the salvation of the world is heroic. This is annoying. The hut in the forest places workers as bad, even though they have selfless, noble intentions. They see the saviors themselves, but since the audience is following the victims, we are stuck in the middle. It is a fascinating reversal not only in horror movies but also in the very notion of heroism.

The children go to the basement.  big mistake.

Rule # 1 of horror movies – do not go to the basement.
Picture: Lionsgate

Extending this, we learn that this sacrifice scenario is playing out all over the world, every year. However, this year, as the film begins, everyone else has failed. It’s up to the US to kill these kids or end the whole world. The stakes just could not be bigger. And if you did not quite understand how the film was a deconstruction of modern cinematic trophies, downstairs workers led by Jenkins and Whitford become essentially the screenwriter and director of a film. Using all sorts of tricks at their disposal, they lead their characters to their respective disasters. They are the masters of chaos. Until, of course, everything goes horribly wrong.

If The hut in the forest it was just this nice idea corporate puppets to kill kids, it would probably be a good move. But to really make the extra mile, Whedon and Goddard build one of the most memorable third acts of the era as the last two survivors (Connolly Dana and Marty Kranz) find their way to the business center . There, in order to move forward, they simultaneously release every monster, spirit, creature, etc. which is at the disposal of the cabin to an unsuspecting workforce. The result is a crazy deal of death, with dozens of creatures killing the downstairs employees in increasingly hilarious, disgusting ways. All this leads to the meeting of Dana and MartyThe director (Sigourney Weaver in a surprise) who explains that if they do not die, the whole world dies. They choose the latter.

There are so many things I love The hut in the forest, all this is as true today as it was 10 years ago. It is exciting, promotional film at all levels. He does not punch. The ideas in it become exponentially bigger and the more you think about it, the more interesting it becomes. Beyond being a simple horror film, it is a meta-dissection of the genre, of film production in general, and of society as a whole. Both in the film and in reality, there is so much more going on beneath the surface.

That brings us back to Joss Whedon. Today, I watch anything with Whedon’s name, especially something like that The hut in the forest featuring beautiful young people walking inside them underwear, take off their clothes or any extravagantsexualizing them, makes a member of the public with knowledge of his actions to take into account. You think, “Does Whedon have bad intentions here?” And even if the answer is “Yes”, inside The hut in the forestactually fits and guides the narrative. The hut in the forest is a very specific riff and subverts 1980s horror movies that gave 100% priority to sex in a very obvious, now-dated way. So, in order to send a species, it chooses to draw attention to the species. The story also makes it clear that sex is part of what is needed to calm the creturns. Okaythen there is also a very creepy scene with dozens of men watching and waiting for Hutchison’s character to top it off, which is exaggerated and not as funny as it probably was in 2012, but again, it’s on a checklist. It must be done, otherwise the world will end.

Dana on the ground, bleeding.

Connolly is fighting for her life.
Picture: Lionsgate

And finally, after all that, that The hut in the forest he has the guts to finish destroying everything and everyone on Earth just puts everything on top. The world where all this was obsceneraw things are ok wiped. It’s time for humanity to end and for someone else to take the opportunity, the characters say. Which, in 2012, seemed a bit strange and overly pessimistic. But after the decade we have been suffering since, sounds much more real now. Our world can actually be beyond salvation. And The hut in the forest wipes these bugs with two teens smoking a joint.

Upon release, The cabin in woodended up going well at the box office, making about twice his budget. Not bad, but not good enough for the studio to think about sequels. But if it had been a success, despite the kitchen sink mentality, other stories could certainly have been told. Prequel to other victims. Simultaneous stories take place in different countries. The fall of gchances unleashed. All these stories, hypothetically, could have been told. But it is all unnecessary. The hut in the forest did what the public always said they wanted, but rarely appreciated. Original, fascinating, it contained a narrative with an advantage. And this is as sharp as ever 10 years after its release, even with this dark mark.

The hut in the forest is not free, but is available on Blu-ray for rent or purchase most digital services.

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