10 movies that make metal completely wrong

This is the spine. Wayne’s world. Death spell. Brand new Netflix Metal Masters. Some movies just I get metal, watering every second they can on witty missions and gloriously obnoxious music. These are not movies. From the exploitation horror of the 1980s to the old upheavals of the 2000s, metal was also the setting for a number of lazy and inaccurate fans. Here are ten movies that completely misunderstood what heavy music means.

Metal Hammer line break

Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park (1978)

The connoisseurs of the movie “so bad that it is good” need this fever dream that Hannah-Barbera produced in their life. Even the plot is hilarious: Kiss while fighting an evil inventor to save a theme park. But then you watch it and you see the miserable interpretation, the ridiculous costumes and the drummer Peter Criss shooting an eye laser. It was such a failed masterclass that, for years, the band did not allow anyone to talk about it in his presence.

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