10 films that get metal perfectly right

Hollywood and metal must be polar opposites. It is a dominant behemoth that dominates the entertainment industry. the other is an obnoxious underdog who wants to mess with everything the mainstream stands for. However, occasionally the two can come together and create a miracle: a film that captivates the masses and lets the metalheads shimmer. Here are just ten of them:

Metal Hammer line break

This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

Stonehenge. No other black. Up to eleven. This is the spine has permeated heavy metal culture since its release in 1982. It has disrupted more than 99% of bands ever. At a time when the genre was still young, enigmatic and dangerous, Rob Rainer’s masterpiece created a completely realistic depiction of the ridiculousness behind the macabre theater. His understanding of touring and the creative process is so clear that countless have described it as as accurate as a documentary.

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